Thursday, January 31, 2008

So long my 20s. You were good to me!

Happy Birthday to Me~Thanks to Jessica and Leslie for taking me out for a wonderful girls' night. It was a great way to end the third decade of my life. Bring it on 30s!

Midsummer Night's Dream

The winner~!

I will begin forthwith on Bronwen's adaptation of the Shakespearean classic. Stay tuned.

Mardi Gras

I concede that my last entry was the epitome of lazy. I can claim that the pictures told their own unique tale, but the truth is I was feeling too uncreative and blah to add my usual sparky narration. In all fairness, I admit the blogging has taken on a few new challenges. For starters, little Bronwen is crawling around everywhere. She excels at arm/leg coordination--she is Jimmie Johnson of crawling (that is for you, Jess). In fact whenever she scoots around the floor, I envision the two flaming tire marks from Back to the Future. She is going 88 mph all over the house, and the the Flux Capacitor of her De Lorean is working overtime.

Therefore, she has upped the ante and started pulling up on things. On all things. Couches, bookshelves, my legs, just about no household item is sacred. If I am working on an entry here in the office, little B is no doubt getting into mischief under the guise of "developmental milestones." She is pulling my books off the shelves, pulling up on the floor lamps, and finding other interesting ways of making my blood pressure skyrocket. So I apologize now, my readers, for the brief entries to come, for I am unable to write much when I am worried about tumbles, falls, spills, and more! Oh, add to that the newfound separation anxiety, and it makes for interesting days indeed.

That said, here are some pictures from the Mardi Gras parade we attended this past weekend. My wonderful friend Jessica flew in from places exotic to visit and celebrate the demise of my 20s. We attended the Mardi Paws parade--Krewe de Mutts or something like that. Basically people dress up their dogs in humiliating ways and show them off. Fun times! Here, I blink as Bronwen and the pimped out chihuahua mug for the camera.
TJ has his three favorite "B" things--Bronwen, Beer, and Beads.
Bronwen just hung out in her stroller--taking in the sights. Never fear, she lifted not her onesie for the beads!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Nap-Time Wake Up

A Post Without Words (except for these)

Friday, January 18, 2008

Sunny Days

The weather over last weekend was beautiful.  Sunny, cool breeze, perfect weather for the end of March.  Yes, I yearn for the days of ice storms and being stuck inside.  However, I won't be bitter.  Especially when Bronwen looks so cute in her hat.

We went outside for about an hour to enjoy the day--Bronwen was on her blanket in the front yard, eating leaves.  TJ and I were chatting with the neighbor, unaware of the leaf eating incident--until she gaged and spat it out.  This is one of the many reasons she isn't allowed to play in gravel yet.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Star Trek

It's really too bad that they cast Zachary Quinto (a.k.a. that guy from Heroes) as the next Mr. Spock, as I have found a much better choice. Of course, she is a bit vertically challenged, but I believe her acting chops would have proven more than adequate.

I feel a little bad since Aunt Jana was just telling me how beautiful Bronwen's eyebrows are. Truth is, I do pluck them. Sad, really, that she has the Bert-esque unibrow, but we love her despite her hirsute nature. I really wish I knew which one of us she got it from, though.

Turkey Pot Pie

Leslie was kind enough to bring "Girl's night" over to my house last week.  Leslie's mom was awesome enough to donate a homemade turkey pot pie for our meal.  TJ was sport enough to pretend to be a girl so he could join us and eat the delicious meal.  It was fun--except I think Leslie and I got a bit tired of TJ's "girl" falsetto voice.  We tried to tell him is wasn't necessary...
Bronwen had a chance to try the Turkey Pot Pie.  Here, she is chewing it and getting the feel and flavor of it in her mouth.
She loved it!  Thanks Mrs. Chauvin--best turkey pot pie any of us have ever had!  Bronwen even saved a little on her chin for later.

Thank you Santa!

Merry Go Round

We have been extremely busy over here at Casa St. Romain.  Bronwen has been enjoying her many new Christmas gifts, but the best by far is her activity table, affectionately known by TJ as the "Merry-Go-Round."  It's super cool--the chair can rotate around the table 360 degrees.  It has been a great way to imprison her without her realizing it!  Finally, I can cook dinner or unload the dishwasher without worrying about her crawling all over the house.  She tends to get into the things she shouldn't--cords, cables, knives, household cleaners, alcoholic beverages, and the gun cabinet.  

Special thanks to Jessica for the awesome outfit!  Now Bronwen and her Mom can match in their overalls and blue shirts.

 Bronwen is still learning about all the things she can do--here she is speaking to her table using her special "raspberry code language."  This is effective in that only she can understand it AND the table is solely hers via baptism on saliva.  
Still discovering new and exciting things to do with her table, Bronwen is especially interested in the duck tugboat, pictured in the forefront.  She managed to use her two teeth to scrape some paint off the life preserver in the front of the boat.  Fun times.  I hope it will help her build an immunity to lead.

Good Morning!

In the cool light of dawn, one can begin to hear the cooing and giggling of Bronwen St. Romain.  It sounds faint at first, hardly a peep, but then as the sun rises, so does the volume of joy emanating from the bedroom.  Dawn is here, and it is time to play!  One enters into the nursery on all fours to observe the baby in her natural state.  Slowly creeping into the room, a picture is snapped! 

 One can observe the busy hands of Bronwen clutching at the bumper of her crib, looking over at something she finds interesting.  Time for a closer approach.

The camera has been discovered--a happy baby looks out to see who has joined her this fine morn.  What shall her reaction be when she sees her mom looking back at her?  

What a way to begin the day!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Brief Hiatus

So sorry, once again, for not being able to post a new blog. TJ is still trying to work out the kinks in uploading the pictures to iPhoto, so I promise once it is figured out, there will be a plethora of blogging that will occur.

Until then, I will keep snapping pictures!