Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sunday Fun

Today ended up nothing like I imagined. We got up and went to 8am mass, as usual, and then had donuts at church afterward. T.J. lingered a bit longer than I wanted, and as we made our way to the car, we noticed it was raining pretty steadily. Bronwen and T.J. went ahead to the covered walkway, and Lila meandered towards the fountain. She wasn't happy when I didn't let her linger, and began pitching a mini-fit. Then Bronwen got upset because it was raining, and her Hello Kitty umbrella was in the car. This didn't matter since T.J. was pulling the van around to pick us up, but no matter--we had two weeping kids in the car on the way home.

Once we were home, I let Bronwen have her umbrella, figuring she would want to play outside in the barely sprinkling rain for a few minutes. Lila joined in too, and I went in the house, leaving T.J. supervising.

The rain started up again, not too heavy, but certainly not sprinkling either. Lila came in the house, wet and tired, and I changed her and went to see what Bronwen was up to. Once again, the rain was barely coming down, and Bronwen, still in her church clothes, was trying to gather the rain dripping from the corner of the house into a bucket to pour on T.J.'s car, saying, "I'm washing Daddy's car."

This would not do--she was gathering a tablespoon of water at a time, and the rain trickle was slowing down. The next thing I knew, T.J. backed his car out of the garage, and I went inside to get a sponge, and the following fun time ensued. Yes, she is still wearing her church clothes, but they were already wet by this time, so what is one to do? I was certainly not going to interrupt the fun!


mimi said...

I think the best part was TJ at the end demanding the buffing (twice yet!!!) Poor Bronwen - made to do manual labor on a Sunday!

Jana said...

Uncle Pete would be so proud. I am sure he is will to take on an apprentice :)