Monday, May 31, 2010

Father's Day Gift

I know it's a couple of weeks early, but I just had to go ahead and bite the bullet and get this for T.J. for Father's Day. I figure the sooner we start using it the better! After a few days of looking on Craigslist, and then of searching online, I decided to go ahead and buy one new, figuring we'd be getting quite a bit of use out of it.

Without further ado, the new double jogging stroller!

Bronwen gives it a try:

Both girls seem to like it:The first picture I took was better, save for the fact that Bronwen had her finger up her nose. This one the light isn't as good, but it is hygienically appropriate.
We've already gone on two evening strolls with it, and they are doing great. The first time the girls were awesome, Lila sitting with her ankles crossed and Bronwen enjoying the ride. The second time, there was more, "Don't touch me"-type shenanigans, which T.J. and I ignored, and Lila found hilarious.

The walk ended with Lila making her baby calls (kind of sounding like a loud "Ahhhhhhhh") with Bronwen chiming in by screaming along side her. Fun times.

How to Make Happiness

We all went for a walk the other evening--pictures of T.J.'s early Father's Day gift coming soon--and Bronwen was going on and on about how she didn't want to go home. Thankfully, she found a way out of her utter sadness over making it back to our abode. Really, how anyone can wallow like this, I have no idea.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23rd

After church today, Bronwen looked at me and declared: "I was a good girl in church today, so I get a donut!" While the first part was true, sadly church only has donuts about once a month, and as Fate would have it, today was not donut Sunday.

T.J., also proud of his behavior in church, mentioned that we could go and pick up some donuts, so I told Bronwen that if she asked her daddy nicely maybe he would get her a donut. One "Please Daddy can we go get donuts, please?" later we were on our way to the donut shop, conveniently located on our route home.

I told T.J. that Lila and I would stay in the car, and Bronwen and he could go get the goods. As Bronwen got out of her seat, she looked at me and said, "Will you be okay without me for just a little while?" I told her I thought I could make it, but I hoped she would be back soon.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Funny Lila

On the way home from William's birthday party today, Lila decided that it would be hilarious to smell her feet. Since I was sitting in the passenger's seat, I had a clear view of her shenanigans. She would lift her foot to her nose, and I would say, "Wooo-weeee Stinky!" and she would dissolve in giggles and do it again.

This game made it possible for her to stay awake and happy all the way home--which was awesome because she was worn out from all the partying. She is a funny baby.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Bronwen, Lila, and I went to run errands this morning, and since we weren't in a huge hurry, I decided to let Lila walk from the parking lot to the store. I have a rule that if we are in a parking lot, you must hold my hand. T.J. is the only one to whom the rule is optional. Lila was thrilled to be freed from the fetters of the grocery cart and wanted to take off on her own. Naturally, I did not let this happen and formed an iron grip on her little hand. Next thing I know, Bronwen, on my other side, is saying, "Ouch Mama it's too tight!" I realized that while holding tightly to Lila, I was inadvertently holding just as tightly to Bronwen. I told her I was sorry for squeezing her hand, to which she replied:

"I am not a lemon, Mama."

This is true. Because she said this, I suggested that we make lemonade today. After all, when life squeezes you like a lemon, you just need to turn it into a delicious sweet and sour beverage.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Playing in the Rain

Lila Too

Rainy Days

Yesterday afternoon was rainy, and when the girls got up from their naps, we somehow ended up outside. Actually, he process was initiated, motivated, and completed by Bronwen, involving finding a bucket and raincoat, but you get the idea.

I set up the lawn chairs in the garage for Lila and me, but soon the allure of the rain was too much for Lila to bear.

Here Bronwen is catching the rain in her bucket:

Lila would venture out and get a tiny bit wet, then go out again. Soon, the rain didn't pose any sort of threat whatsoever.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I have to admit, Bronwen is impressive with her independence. She really likes dressing herself, insisting that I leave the room to give her privacy. She then comes flouncing out in whatever outfit she has chosen, invariably involving some sort of yellow shirt. Today was especially cute, as she came out wearing her yellow tank top with the sparkly butterflies, light purple shorts, and rainbow socks. It was the socks that got me. She hasn't worn socks since March!

As I was preparing Lila's lunch, she came into the room and told me Jerry's feet were cold, and he needed to wear her rainbow socks--just like a mom, taking socks off her own feet to make her Jerry more comfortable. So I helped Jerry get the socks on, and he really did look cozier.

Part 2

New Video

Monday, May 17, 2010


Just like her sister, Lila is quite helpful around the house. I would even venture to say she takes after me, keeping a balance between caring for the house and caring for her babies.

Working Out

T.J. has been coming home each evening and working out. The girls get quite enthusiastic about this video, and usually participate. We were so proud to realize that even a baby can exercise if given the proper encouragement. Soon that little belly bulge will be gone!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hooray! Proofs are Up!

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Password: stromain

Time Passes--Birthdays

Birth Day
1st Birthday
2nd Birthday

3rd Birthday

Friday, May 14, 2010


Now that Bronwen is anti-camera (only if it's taking pictures of her), it has been growing increasingly difficult to get her to pose for the camera.

Lila, on the other hand, not too tough at all.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Bronwen!

I will post a series of birthday pictures as I did last year, but Bronwen's party is Saturday, so this will have to be delayed a bit. I will immediately post the pics Saturday evening, however, to quell the angry mob that is waiting anxiously for them. (ahem, Aunt Jana...please put the pitchfork and torch down now)

Today marks the third anniversary of the birth of my dearest first child, Bronwen Marie. She came into this world shortly after midnight on Mother's Day. It was a meaningful day for me since her birth made me the best thing I ever imagined: her mother.

Since that day, her bright smile and precocious nature has both cheered and astonished me. She is my child, through and through, both in personality, wit, and downright silliness. Every day with her is a joy and adventure, and I love how her smile and little voice make me laugh all the time, even when I am not feeling well.

Thank you, my little mouse, for always being ready with a cuddle or a "Don't worry, Mama, I am here with you" whenever I need it most. I love you!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy Busy

I can't even say why or how I've been too busy to blog, but it seems like time is running away from me! Mother's Day was okay, slight snafu with lunch TJ was supposed to buy me, so I ended up eating leftover noodles, but he made up for it by giving me a new digital camera on Monday. Hooray! I have to get a memory card for it, and after that, I am trying it out, both pictures and video.

When I opened it up, Bronwen looked at it and said, "Oh...a new camera, I'm jealous." Um. I didn't know that she knew that word OR what it meant. Typical.

Hopefully this means my video quality will be better. Joy! A few last videos for you to enjoy from my old, decrepit camera.

Lila having a blast in the truck (one of the only times she will ever be allowed to ride in the back of a truck as far as I am concerned):

Lila perfecting her walking with objects:

Bronwen eating lunch and being silly:

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Walk This Way

The video I took of Lila walking last night was too dark, so we went outside and gave it a try.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Grits and Baseball

This video accompanied T.J.'s post from a couple of days ago. Here you can see the action of Lila's learning to use the spoon.

Also, in the background, you can witness Bronwen's mad running skills as she "runs the bases."


T.J. had Lila help him feed the cats last night, and as he was bringing her back to her room (where Bronwen and I were), he just let her walk on her own--she usually demands a finger to hold.

There she was, holding a measuring scoop, toddling toward me, and she made it down the length of the hallway!

Soon she won't need any help at all. Bittersweet.

Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3rd

Tonight T.J. came out of Bronwen's room after putting her to bed and asked me, "Do you know she kisses John Denver goodnight?" I did indeed know this, mainly because Bronwen told me the other morning that she kissed John Denver.

To clarify: She kisses the john Denver picture on her iPod, so technically she is kissing the iPod.

I asked him: "Does this bother you?"

And he replied: "Only because she won't kiss me goodnight."

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Great Strides

Lila is clearly happy to have her Daddy home. Within 3 days of his return, she has made great strides in her already swift development. After taking her first unassisted steps (see earlier post; more to follow), she is now becoming proficient at using utensils. To anyone who knows Lila, this should be no surprise given her enthusiasm for eating. Nevertheless, here is the proof from Saturday morning's second breakfast: