Monday, May 31, 2010

Father's Day Gift

I know it's a couple of weeks early, but I just had to go ahead and bite the bullet and get this for T.J. for Father's Day. I figure the sooner we start using it the better! After a few days of looking on Craigslist, and then of searching online, I decided to go ahead and buy one new, figuring we'd be getting quite a bit of use out of it.

Without further ado, the new double jogging stroller!

Bronwen gives it a try:

Both girls seem to like it:The first picture I took was better, save for the fact that Bronwen had her finger up her nose. This one the light isn't as good, but it is hygienically appropriate.
We've already gone on two evening strolls with it, and they are doing great. The first time the girls were awesome, Lila sitting with her ankles crossed and Bronwen enjoying the ride. The second time, there was more, "Don't touch me"-type shenanigans, which T.J. and I ignored, and Lila found hilarious.

The walk ended with Lila making her baby calls (kind of sounding like a loud "Ahhhhhhhh") with Bronwen chiming in by screaming along side her. Fun times.


Jana said...

Woohoo you found one! I can hear Lila laughing at "Don't touch me!" right now :)

Jana said...

p.s. Did it come with the beer?

p.p.s. Does Jerry like it?

Melanie said...

I love the beer bottle! Very cute picture at the top of the blog too!

Melanie said...

Seriously...that picture makes Lila and Bronwen look almost identical!