Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lila and coffee

For the record: it was not hot.

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I know I have been lax in blogging lately, but we have an impending move that is quickly approaching. In addition, Lila, Bronwen, and I were sick last week, Lila staying sick enough that I finally took her to the doctor on Thursday. She has a sinus infection and is now on antibiotics. While there we went ahead with her 18-month check-up and discovered she weighs almost 30 pounds. No wonder my back is aching!

Luckily she has been in fairly good spirits despite having a perpetually running nose and slight cough when she tries to sleep. She also has two more teeth appearing, flanking her top two teeth.

If I disappear for a couple of weeks it will be because of moving issues. I have to start packing up the things we are personally taking with us, sorting through various drawers for things we don't want to move, and basically cleaning up around the place so I don't have as much to do next Saturday.

Sneak is moving around like crazy and causing me all sorts of exciting aches and pains. I am trying not to complain too much, but I do admit I am dreading the car ride to NC. I just used a birthday gift certificate for a prenatal massage on Saturday and discovered how sore I am--and didn't even realize. Ah, blissful ignorance!

I will leave you with a pic of Bronwen taken today. She is really into sweeping the driveway for some reason, but she has to use the big broom. I am not discouraging it!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dance Party, Con't

The DVR turned the channel because I had two things taping, so I had to revert to her Sesame Street iPod.

Dance Party

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bronwen's First Day of Preschool

My proud girl!

My Own Barista--Pt 1

All I have to do is ask Lila, "Do you want to make coffee?" and this is the result...

Barista--Pt 2

She also scoops the coffee from the bag and puts it in the filter, but since I couldn't help her as easily with one hand filming, we did that part off camera.

My Barista--Pt 3

Normally I wouldn't let her keep her pacifier in once she's out of bed, but she did try to give it to me, and I missed the window.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I have to admit in the continuum of Bronwen and Lila's sibling relationship, today was a pretty good day. It didn't start off any differently, but when TJ got home, I suggested we go to a flooring store to check out some finishes and carpets. He agreed, and we went over with the girls.

Both of them were being a bit rambunctious, running around like maniacs, but there really was a lot of open space and pretty flooring to explore. They had jolly good fun until it was time to leave and Lila did not want to go. Bronwen went over to her and took her hand--Lila resisted at first--but somehow Bronwen persisted and Lila let her take her hand and lead her out the door. Then I took Bronwen's other hand, and TJ took Lila's other hand, and we all walked as a family to the car.

If that wasn't enough to melt my heart, after dinner (which Bronwen declared to be delicioso), Bronwen started this really fun game when she said to Lila, "I'm going to get you!" and chased Lila as Lila ran ahead. The best part is Bronwen was purposely running slowly so as not to catch her sister to continue the game. Lila was having a blast.

**update**I had to interrupt this post to get Lila to bed after bath time, and we told Bronwen to say good night to her sister, as we do each night, and Bronwen says, "Good night Sweetheart, I love you." Such words have never, ever been uttered from Bronwen's lips to Lila's ears.

I don't think my heart can take this much happiness....

Kids Say the Darndest Things

Just trying to keep a running tab, but it is so easy to forget!

Lila: "BenBay" (When asked what BeeBee gives her, meaning beignets)

Bronwen, after donning a Tinkerbell nightgown: "Don't I look just like a princess? With my long golden locks?"

Bronwen, after receiving a John Denver book from Aunt Jana: "John Denver is the best thing in the world!"