Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Growing Up

While Adam and I were in Cary visiting my dear friend Jessica, T.J. and the girls ventured to the park. I am impressed with his pigtail skills.

When did Lila turn from a baby into a little girl?

Saturday, June 25, 2011


The following conversation took place in the car, on the way to Aunt Jill's house for a morning swim:

Bronwen: Daddy, does everybody have a reflection?

Daddy: Yes, Bronwen, everybody has a reflection.

B: My reflection is inside my body.

D: Your reflection is inside your body?

B: Yes, it’s inside my body.

D: Bronwen, your reflection is in the mirror. What do you see when you look in the mirror?

B: I see a picture of myself.

D: That’s your reflection, Bronwen, it’s in the mirror.

B: Oh. Well, is there a way to go into the mirror and take out my reflection?

D: I don’t think so, Bronwen, I don’t know of any way to take out your reflection.

B: What if we use nails and screws, could be go into the mirror and get my reflection out?

D: That’s a good idea, Bronwen. We should definitely try that, but I still don’t think we could get your reflection. Plus, what about all the other mirrors? Do we have to go into all the mirrors to get your reflection out of each one?

B: No, just one mirror. That would get my reflection out of all the mirrors.

Friday, June 17, 2011

A Gift from John Denver

As most of you know, Bronwen has carried a torch for John Denver since she was about two and a half. Even after turning the ripe old age of four, she still believes she is going to marry him when she grows up.

Tonight before violin practice she informed me that JD was coming over to hear her play. She also mentioned that he was bringing his violin too. Sure enough, his plane landed outside, and he arrived!

She asked him which songs he wanted to hear her play and she graciously obliged. After practice, she ran around the house giving him a tour.

I was cleaning the kitchen when she came up to me with her two hands cupped telling me JD gave her a gift. I asked her what it was and she said, "It's the gift of love!" I was a little speechless and told her to go show her daddy, and she told me she couldn't. Then she said, "I'll just keep it in my heart."

Oh, also, she and JD are going to go camping after they get married, and I am invited to go along.

Summer Time Hair Do

Weather is getting hotter, so hair needs to go up! The silly faces are just an added bonus.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Photo Session

Time for Adam's 6-month photo session! The girls would not be left out of all of the fun, though.

Here, Adam shows off his push-up skills (right now he is getting adept at tucking his knees up under his body and rocking--crawling isn't far away!)

Such personality.

And now Lila and Bronwen get the spotlight. Why TJ doesn't brush their hair first, I have no idea.
I love how Lila looks so silly in that skirt--it is a size 5.
Fish faces!
Not sure what this is.

Mountain House

I have been remiss about updating the blog lately due to my new endeavor to sell Pampered Chef products. That and I have been hitting my treadmill after 6 months of ignoring it--added bonus is I finally found my wristwatch which was hiding out in the cup holder.

We decided to beat the heat and escape to the mountains for Memorial Day weekend. Lila and Adam were both fighting off a cold, but they did not let it slow them down.

Friday was rainy, but TJ and my folks took the girls into town to explore, while I stayed back with a slumbering Adam.

Lila fears nothing!

The girls loved the mountain house, and Bronwen especially loved the pool table. I know they are looking forward to a week up there during July.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Paci Fairy Sucks

It was time to separate Lila from her beloved pacifier. Granted, she didn't have it much during the day, although she was prone to get it out of her bed and use it on the sly. Still, she is 2, and I don't want her being like Suri Cruise, plugging her mouth up at the age of 5. TJ didn't give it to her at bed time, mainly because he couldn't find it, and I took the opportunity to tell Lila the Paci Fairy came and took her paci to babies who need it. She seemed to accept this, asking, "Baby Allah?" (Baby Adam) and I told her, "Yes, to babies like Baby Adam."

It has been 4 nights now, and while I thought things were getting better, last night was awful. She knows she is missing something, and I don't think she was asking for it, but she was weeping for much of the night. Heartbreaking, sad, weeping. I make TJ go in, because if I do, I will end up in the bed with her for the rest of the night!

Here's hoping tonight goes better. It's hard helping your baby grow up. Really hard.

Monday, June 6, 2011


I have to admit, I am really liking the 4s. Bronwen has become quite the little helper, even more so than usual. I have just started working for The Pampered Chef, and Bronwen decided to help me try out a recipe. She insisted on an apron and kept saying, "See, I am a real Pampered Chef!" She then helped me in every step, and then insisted on the largest strawberry almond pastry as payment.

When I was cleaning the house before a party, she declared, "Super Bronwen, to the rescue!" and the took the Swiffer mop and insisted that she mop while I vacuum behind her. Every once in awhile she would mutter, "Never fear, Super Bronwen is here!" When the mopping was finished, she wanted to move on to the bathrooms. Whew--she motivated me to clean a lot more than I intended.

And then yesterday Dad came over to help TJ with a project in the crawl space. I use the term "crawl space" loosely since TJ is digging it out to use as a workshop--a grown man can easily stand upright down there. Anyhow, despite it being naptime, Bronwen wanted to help, and I figured it would be fun for her. I got this part second-hand, but she was handing Dad staples and a hammer, and kept encouraging him, saying, "You can do it, Dja Dja!"

She really is a super hero. I just wish she didn't think her arch nemisis is her sister.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This post really should be penned by TJ since he was there, but I am here, so I will try to realte the situation as best as I can.

TJ was giving the girls a bath last night and somehow the subject of wolves was raised. TJ mentioned howling, and naturally Bronwen inquired as to what exactly howling was. TJ demonstrated, and Bronwen asked why wolves howl. TJ mentioned they like to howl at the moon.

Bronwen: Well why do they like to howl at the moon?
TJ: Because they like the moon.
Bronwen: But why to they like the moon?
TJ: Do you like the moon?
Bronwen: Sure I do. It sometimes looks like a cookie.