Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This post really should be penned by TJ since he was there, but I am here, so I will try to realte the situation as best as I can.

TJ was giving the girls a bath last night and somehow the subject of wolves was raised. TJ mentioned howling, and naturally Bronwen inquired as to what exactly howling was. TJ demonstrated, and Bronwen asked why wolves howl. TJ mentioned they like to howl at the moon.

Bronwen: Well why do they like to howl at the moon?
TJ: Because they like the moon.
Bronwen: But why to they like the moon?
TJ: Do you like the moon?
Bronwen: Sure I do. It sometimes looks like a cookie.


Tiff said...

It makes perfect sense!

Jana said...

I like TJ's technique of answering a question with a question.

Now every time I see a full moon I am going to want a cookie ;)