Monday, April 28, 2008

Really Awesome Game

Do you have a baby at home who frequently gets bored?
Do you have floors that just don't stay clean?
Do you have trouble keeping off those extra "vanity pounds?"
Need a solution that solves ALL these problems? Well, folks, look no further! I have just the game for YOU! All you need are: A baby, a laundry basket, a towel, and a floor!

Place baby in basket, place basket on the towel on a hardwood floor, and push baby around as fast as you can, with an enthusiastic "Weeeeeeeee!"

(Game also works well on carpet, without towel.)

Guaranteed fun for all involved. *

* Game not sold in stores. Persons must be in good physical health in order to play, as game will increase heart rate. Baby must be secured in basket at all times. Adult supervision required.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Playing with Daddy

Bronwen loves to play with her Daddy. He allows her to do all sorts of things that her Momma might not. Examples:

Pick Momma's flowers to use as a fashion statement.
Play amid the honey bees.
Pull on Pepper--not that she minds--while holding a pen.
Play with monkeys.

Great Weekend Already

I was going to wait until tomorrow, when our weekend was actually over, but alas, Bronwen decided 5 am was a decent hour at which to awaken this morning. I decided to allow my T.J. to get his beauty rest, and now we're playing in the office. Our activities thus far:

Friday night: Bronwen went with us to The Chimes, where we met up with Barbara (Chee Chee), Ben, The Clan, Danny, and copious amounts of spit-up. Not sure why Bronwen decided to turn on the spigot, but it wasn't pretty. She was in good cheer, however, and we made it a late night--got home at 7:45.

Saturday morning we got into the car and headed to Aunt Kadee's town for Cousin Georgia's first communion. Bronwen was a champ through church, which seemed to work up her appetite--she spent the next hour eating lunch. I believe she put away more food than all her cousins combined. It was a sight. I then took her to the backyard to enjoy the day.

Look at Daddy!Kisses!After playing in the grass, Bronwen spied a wild beast over by the swing-set. Okay, not so wild, but new to her. I think the bunny was more worried about the wild-eyed beast that was peering in at her...We stayed and visited for awhile, and then we motored home. T.J. played with Bronwen for a bit while I napped, and then we went down the street to Reece's 4th birthday party.
What did we spy?Bronwen just couldn't believe her eyes.PONIES!

And off we went for a ride, despite the rainy day!
After that, it was back home for a bath and bedtime, which for some crazy reason, came early!
Since today is beginning so early, who knows what it holds for us? Perhaps a rocket trip to the moon, a swim with the dolphins, or maybe just peek-a-boo. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Time Passes II

No chair required!

Profile view:

And now she likes to play "peek-a-boo" underneath it too!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Great Weekend

It was another beautiful weekend, and T.J., Bronwen, and I tried to make the most of it. We began on Friday afternoon with some light gardening. I went around trying to pull up a few weeds, and Bronwen tried to help. Sadly, many a bloom met its untimely demise. She thought they were pretty, which they are, so I couldn't blame her.

That evening we spent outside trying to see the purple martins flying around their house. T.J. was up on a ladder working his camera. I told him I didn't want the neighbors getting concerned and calling "the fuzz." We didn't want to spend the day trying to free him from the pokey. Luckily, no one mistook him for a peeping Tom, and he ended up with some good shots.

Saturday began with the perfect morning--sunny and cool--so I told T.J. we should drive over to the lakes at the University and look for some birds. We got there, and birds we did indeed find. Ducks! Everywhere! If you don't already know, ducks are Bronwen's favorite. Whenever she sees them in books or hears you say "Quack, Quack," she smiles and giggles. (This means much of my day is spent randomly quacking at Bronwen like a lunatic, but her laugh is musical!)

I was excited to have some crackers in the diaper bag, and Bronwen and I began to feed the masses. (A few stray pigeons happened to be impersonating ducks and got fed as well. We weren't fooled one bit by their strutting and "quacking," but we don't discriminate)

We went home for some more fun outside. It was sunny, so Bronwen borrowed my shades.

Then this morning we got dressed for church. I put shoes on Bronwen for the first time. (Thanks Veronica--they are so cute!) She didn't care for them much, and stepped out of them as soon as she could!
Little stinker! And so proud of herself, too.
The rest of that day was spent baking bread, playing baseball with the neighbors, napping, making candy, and doing laundry. Hope you all had a great one too!

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Can you see them? Coming in on top?

First Space Walk

Move over, John Glenn. Neil Armstrong, take note.Yes, that was Bronwen achieving zero gravity (for a nanosecond) in a spacewalk. We went to Aunt Becky and Uncle Rene's house for Camille's third birthday party, and we all had a blast. Bronwen was able to spend time in the spacewalk with TJ, Shelby, and me as the other cousins and screaming girls had cleared out for lunch.

All Day Together

Wednesday nights TJ has his photography class. Bronwen and I get to spend the entire day together, and I am so happy when that day is as lovely as it was yesterday. We spent a great deal of time outside. We weeded the flowers (sometimes Bronwen got confused about which ones to pick), played in the pine straw, went for a long walk, visited the neighbors, and played in Donalyn's backyard. It was a great day.

The following pictures were taken after bath time. Her hair is getting so curly!

First, I surprise Bronwen by snapping her photo.Then, she sees the camera and waves a hello to her Mama.
I tell her to show off her curls.
Finally, she pics a book to read before bedtime.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Being Silly this Weekend

These are some of the "outtakes" from TJ's photo session. I admit I am a little uncomfortable in the role of "model," (not to be confused with 'role model,' who is a person like Britney Spears or Amy Winehouse) but luckily there is someone with me who tends to steal all the limelight. Yes, that limelight certainly does know where it belongs.

Family Resemblence

TJ has been taking a photography class and enjoys using Bronwen and me as models. The other day, his assignment was to get some action shots; he took pictures of Bronwen crawling through the grass. TJ and I were both reminded of other pictures we had, taken two years ago. The resemblance is eerie, don't you agree?