Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween was awesome this year--the weather was perfect, and despite the sadness of not having T.J. here, we still had a blast. Mom and Dad flew in on their broomsticks from Shelby, and while Mom supervised the candy distribution, Dad provided the wagon-pulling labor for Lila. We left early, well before it was dark, and Bronwen was beside herself. She loved saying "Trick or treat" and insisted on saying "Gracias" instead of the traditional "Thank you." I asked her if she wanted a ride in the wagon, but she was intent on walking, which was great. Lila made it to about 5-6 houses, and I sent her back home with Dad and Mom.

Bronwen kept going well into the dark of night. People were stopping to admire how cute she was as Tinkerbell, and we also admired their costumes. We saw only 2 other Tinkerbells, but the costumes were different.

After about an hour, we hauled Bronwen's load of candy back to the house. The girls played with some glow sticks and went down pretty easily for the night. I managed to make it, walking around the neighborhood with Bronwen, but I admit when I asked her if she was ready to go home, I was relieved when she said yes. Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

TJ's Birthday Breakfast

T.J. is going to be in Germany for his birthday, so I decided today would be a good day to make some home-made cinnamon rolls. I got the recipe from Southern Living and gave it a shot. They turned out much better than I hoped. This might now be a new "special morning breakfast" item!

Baking Cookies

We went over to Mimi's house today to visit--I thought I had to run an errand, but it turned out I didn't, so we all just hung out for the morning. Mimi and Bronwen decided to bake some cookies, and Lila and I played outside for a bit.Lila was anxious during the cooking time.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Pics

TJ isn't going to have an opportunity to take Halloween pics of the girls on Sunday, so we decided to give a preview...

It took Lila a little while to get into the spirit...

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Updated: Playroom/Hobby Room

Still major work in progress,but I got all my books unpacked and organized. The stack of boxes in the corner by the tall bookshelf are all from Bronwen's room, and I'll get those unpacked in the next day or so. I admit I am getting tired of lugging books.

Our House--Work In Progress

I will upload pics of the girls' rooms soon. They are just napping right now, and Bronwen played "random toy migration" earlier. Plus they just don't look very good without some pictures on the walls. Hopefully we can do that soon and updated pictures can be posted! (Sorry for my poor spelling--it took me forever to get the pics in the slideshow, and I had no desire to go proofread.)

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Halloween Preview

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

Today we ventured out to Hodges farm to a visit a pumpkin patch. TJ's sister Jill and her family met us there, but before they arrived, we had some time to check out the surroundings.

Lila found a little goat:
While Bronwen found the big one:
They were both excited to see horses:
It was tough trying to get our pumpkin to sit still:
She wanted to run off this way and that to show her daddy the sights:
Bronwen was kind enough to humor me, though:
Then we found the wagon, and suddenly they were both willing to go wherever Daddy took them:
Until they spied the haystack:
Finally, their cousin Maddie arrived and joined in the fun:
They all loved the bouncy house:
Sweet Lila:
We all went for a hayride around the pumpkin patches:
It was a little sunny:
Finally, after a picnic lunch, Bronwen found her perfect pumpkin to bring home:
Lila and I both approved!
It was a perfect fall day--now time to get ready for Halloween.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Big Girl

And no, she didn't actually put anything into the potty, except a couple of little toots. Close enough! She is quite proud of herself, though!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

School Pictures

Bronwen has school pictures today, and supposedly a special guest is going to make an appearance as well :-)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stories and Lila's Favorite New Word

The entire purpose of this video was to capture Lila's new word--the Bronwen footage was just a bonus.

T.J. and I remember well how Bronwen early on would say and enthusiastic "Gen!" for again; we always thought it was the cutest thing. Then she, naturally, started saying, "uh...GEN!" which was equally endearing, until she went and learned proper diction and such.

Lila discovered this word as a means to an end--She had already said it twice, meaning she was on her third bowl of macaroni and cheese. I think the night before her performance netted her no fewer than 3 home made rolls...

For your viewing pleasure, I present Lila and Bronwen:

(I Spy Game: Can you spy a cat door? Halloween village? Cassie?)

Saturday, October 16, 2010


Our new neighborhood is huge--a labyrinth of all-brick homes that seemingly go on forever. One of the reasons I picked it is because I knew T.J. really wanted the girls to grow up in an area with plenty of other kids with whom to play, and everywhere you look, you see the wooden playsets with green tops.

Our house is located near the cul-de-sac which terminates our particular street, but it also is directly across from another, smaller cul-de-sac that only has three houses. Here live lots of kids that come out each night and play. Before dinner, the girls like to walk across the street and play--Bronwen was shy at first, insisting on staying home on the front porch doing her "work" (a Sesame Street sticker book), but since that time, she has emerged from her shell and joined in playing, especially with a 2-year old named Bella.

Lila, naturally, jumped right in, the first night commandeering a play shopping cart and hitching a ride in a motorized Barbie jeep. (I was preparing dinner, otherwise, the second part would not have occurred.) The next night, Lila discovered a giant mud puddle in which she promptly sat and splashed around.

Last night we walked over and were invited to Bella's swing-set and trampoline. Her mom, Jennifer, is a nurse and extremely outgoing and welcoming. She loves having the kids over, so I get the feeling this may be an evening ritual. Bronwen has never been on a trampoline, and loved it, although she wanted to be in there on her own.

She told me as we were walking home that she was like Olivia--(from Olivia Joins the Circus) "Queen of the Trampoline!"

Lila usually is having so much fun, it is hard to tear her away, even for a meal (shocking). I leave that up to T.J. :-)

Maybe this weekend I will remember to bring my camera along.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I have been MIA for a couple of weeks now, simply trying to organize and finalize our move from Baton Rouge to Gastonia. Things went as well as could be expected--the girls are all doing great, the ones with fur and the ones without.

I will take and post pictures as soon as I can, but in the meanwhile, a little anecdote:

We were waiting on the front porch for T.J. to arrive home, and Bronwen was sitting in a small chair that reclines fairly far back. She comments to me: "There are times when I just like to lie back and lounge in my chair, and this is one of those times."

She also went to the dentist for the first time yesterday. Once again, she said, "Sometimes you have to go to a special doctor to have your teeth checked, and this is one of those times."

I swear there is no way she is only 3.

She also informed me yesterday that she was going to stay on my bed with me while I folded laundry just to make sure I wouldn't fall off the bed. "It can be very dangerous," she said.

Lila meanwhile is getting more and more verbal. She can say "backpack" and "map" when looking at the Dora potty seat, which she tries out with enthusiasm and gusto. Sadly, nothing has been produced, but she is well on her way to trying.

She has adjusted quickly to the new house and is becoming an expert at manipulating me into carrying her down the stairs. Being quite swollen with child, this task isn't too fun, especially since she is 30 pounds of solid kid.

That is all for now--By the night time I am so stiff and sore from unpacking, I am just ready to collapse into bed. I suppose not having cable and Internet for a week has been a blessing in some ways. I have definitely caught up on some rest.

More to come!