Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stories and Lila's Favorite New Word

The entire purpose of this video was to capture Lila's new word--the Bronwen footage was just a bonus.

T.J. and I remember well how Bronwen early on would say and enthusiastic "Gen!" for again; we always thought it was the cutest thing. Then she, naturally, started saying, "uh...GEN!" which was equally endearing, until she went and learned proper diction and such.

Lila discovered this word as a means to an end--She had already said it twice, meaning she was on her third bowl of macaroni and cheese. I think the night before her performance netted her no fewer than 3 home made rolls...

For your viewing pleasure, I present Lila and Bronwen:

(I Spy Game: Can you spy a cat door? Halloween village? Cassie?)


Tiff said...

And I want to hear "mo" of Bronwen's story and see "mo" cute videos in the new house! :)

Jana said...

I agree with Tiff! More!!!