Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wise Child

Okay, so I was talking to Bronwen about her school day, and she mentioned how they had cupcakes for someone's birthday.  I asked her if they had their usual Friday ice cream treat as well...well, here you go.

Me: "Did you have ice cream too?"
B: "No Mom, that is only on FRIDAYS."
Me: "Oh right, today is only Thursday.  I thought it was Friday already."
B: "Savor time, Mom."

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

September 25

Lila, in playroom, coloring a picture of her, Aidan, TJ, and me.  She talks aloud, noting that TJ has black hair and blue eyes.  I say, "Yes, Daddy does have blue eyes!"  She says, "No Mama, I am talking to MYSELF."  I say, "Can't I talk to you too?" She replies, "No!  Myself just wants to talk to myself right now."

Thursday, August 23, 2012


When we were at the mountain house for the 4th of July, TJ had Adam outside during the beginning of a storm.  I went out and asked him to bring Adam inside, and TJ basically ignored me.  2 minutes later, the loudest clap of thunder ever sounded, and poor Adam freaked out.

Two weeks later, we were home and TJ had Adam outside once again.  A storm started brewing, and yet again, TJ kept him out too long, and KABOOM! huge thunderclap and trauma inflicted upon our youngest child.

Ever since, Adam will hear any sound (airplane, car, etc) and get a freaked out look on his face and say, "Thunder! Thunder!" (okay, it sounds more like "Thundah! Thundah!")  Sometimes he will add "storm" to it too. 

So today we were hanging out in the playroom, it is bright and sunny outside, and Adam runs into the puppet theater saying "Safe!  Safe!  Thundah storm!"  Apparently, he now has a safe place to stay. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Church 8/12/2012

I know I have been a little lax about updating the blog--so much to do, so little time!  I think I am going to try to go back to my daily snippets of hilarity whenever possible. 

One of these days, I am going to get to work on my scrapbooking...I only have 5-years' worth to get through.  Sigh.

Okay, so today at church, Lila was writing and drawing on church envelopes, and she wrote, "Lila," the "Mama," and then "Mimi."  She turns to me and asks me how to spell Adam.  I told her, and then she asked how to spell Daddy.  Within 5 seconds, she turns to me and says, "Mama, how do you spell magnifying glass?"

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Not sure if I mentioned this, but he is counting.  And instead of "yes" he likes to say "Yep."  Plus he has 4 more teeth coming in at once, so for a couple of weeks he had a finger stuck in his mouth constantly.  Luckily, that seems to have abated.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Be on Guard

TJ has informed me that if you let one slip around Adam, he will announce loudly, "Toot!"

Friday, May 18, 2012

Walmart Surprise

Adam and I were in Walmart today, picking up a few ingredients for a Pampered Chef show, and as we went to the cilantro bin, I noticed a beautiful, dark, red ladybug just sitting on a bunch of cilantro.  I was concerned at first that she wasn't alive, but I picked her up and set her in my palm, so Adam could have a look.  He excitedly said, "Bay bug! Bay bug!" and sure enough, she warmed up a little and began crawling all over my hand.  Adam told me "Hold! Hold! Hand!" so I gently placed the ladybug on his hand, and she crawled all over his arm and hand, only falling once to his shirt.  She was really picking up some speed, and I could see she was trying to fly, so Adam and I hurried her outside.  I let Adam hold her one last time, and she took off from his finger.  I told him to tell her goodbye, and he obliged with a "Bye, Bye, Bay Bug!"  several times in a row.  We finished up all our shopping and left the store.  As soon as we exited, he was saying it again, "Bye Bay bug!  Bye Bye Bay Bug!"  It was an awesome shopping trip and insect rescue all rolled into one. 

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Had a pretty good Mother's Day--took Mom to lunch at PF Chang's and discovered the world's most delicious appetizer, then bought three new pairs of shoes...

Came home to a rainy day and princess stories on the porch with my birthday girl. 

Was a little disappointed at the end of the evening when I asked TJ if he got a card for me...and he didn't.  Felt a little let down and unappreciated--he did make up for it today with a lovely apology card, but I am getting to the best part.

So tonight the kids went out to the cul-de-sac and Lila and Bronwen both picked clover flowers for me declaring "Happy Mother's Day!"  When we got back inside, Bronwen arranged Miss Kitty on the bed so I wouldn't have to exercise alone.  I found this incredibly thoughtful and said:

Me: Bronwen, I really appreciate all the little things you are doing for me for Mother's Day. 
Bronwen: Well, Mom, I have to do them.  You are so important.  I mean, what would I do without you?

Best.  Gift.  Ever.

Bronwen's Birthday

 Bronwen's party was on the Saturday before her birthday.  She wanted Hello Kitty invitations and cake, but she wanted a princess party.  So I got princess plates, napkins, etc, and a castle bounce house, and invited her entire preschool class.  I suppose May is a busy time of year, but we ended up with several families--which was great because Lila's friends from preschool were there as well.  Mimi and Dja Dja were there, of course, and Bronwen had a blast with her friends.  So glad she had an awesome party!
Bronwen and her friend Bridget

Three Lovely Ladies!

Bounce House!

Playing Before the party

Bronwen kept playing dead--Adam was investigating
Kids made their own pizzas
5 Already!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Adam's Words

Adam just turned 17 months, and the other day he came strutting over to me, hands me a book, and says, "Read book."    I was so taken aback that he was already using a phrase--it occurred to me that I should be documenting his extensive vocabulary.  I am sure TJ will want to add to this:
He has mastered the obvious:  Mama, Da-ee, Lila, and Bronwen (although it sounds like ma-men), ball, snack, Mo (his monkey), Mollie, and Pepper.

Then he has expanded to include:  Cheese stick, truck (sometimes dump truck), bug (uses this one a lot), ay-bug (lady bug), sprinkler, stroller, bubbles, and airplane...oh one of my favorites is Surprise!  He says that when TJ comes home, mainly because the girls say it.

Trying to think of other ones he says...

When you sneeze he will say bless you, and as he eats he constantly says "more!"  Just now he came up to me with a tin of cards and said "open." 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dear Bronwen

Brief conversation right before bed:

L:  Brah-wen, I don't like pork.

B:  Lila!  Pork is meat.  Meat comes from a pig.  

L:  Oh.  Meat comes from a pig?

B:  Yes, meat comes from a pig.  Just like milk comes from a cow.  Did you know that milk comes from a cow?

L:  Oh, yes!  Brah-wen, where does water come from?

B:  Hmm, well, water, uh, we get water from the refrigerator.  Yes, water usually comes from refrigerators.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We had a lovely Easter.  Despite being the day after Lila's party, I managed to get the kiddos up and outside for the family photo just as TJ 7:30 am.  Granted, it was under duress (I wasn't thrilled to be dressed up so far in advance) but it all worked out.  Still, I let the girls get a peek at their baskets before we took the picture.
Bronwen, Lila, and Adam's baskets
2012 Easter Photo

After church, we drove up to Jill's house for Easter brunch.  We managed to get a picture of the kiddos.

After Jill's we headed to Shelby for another Easter feast.  It was a beautiful day, so the kids had a great time playing in the great outdoors.

Mimi's new garden gnome
Bronwen, searching for the elusive "clover flower."

Taking a spin
Picture perfect!


I love how Adam inspects bugs.  He points to them, saying, "Bug!!" (obviously) and then will watch them intently.  There is something so sweet about his little crouch.

Hanging Out

It was a lovely day for just hanging out on the screened-in porch!  (March 28)

Lila's Birthday Party

 Lila's 3rd birthday was a great time indeed!  She wanted a Dora party, but at the last minute changed her mind and insisted on a princess cake.  I made the crown out of gumpaste, and made a chocolate and vanilla cake for the layers.  I couldn't find princess cake toppers, so I used cardboard pictures I found in a confetti package.  I am happy with how it came out.

The food

Hunting for eggs!

Beautiful Birthday girl.
Bronwen had to help her with this part, but the candles got blown out!

Wow--Been gone so long the format of Blogger has changed!  Okay, well, I'll give it a go.  The girls got their hair trimmed yesterday;  poor Lila thought she could get hair added down to her shoulders.  I thought she was a bit young to get extensions, so it was a normal haircut.   Plus we are still trying to get the bits in the back (that she cut) to grow back out.  Almost there! 


Thursday, April 5, 2012


I can't even remember what I was telling Bronwen that wanted, but I do remember she was telling me I could get it for my birthday. I was telling her that my birthday had just passed, and this is what she said to explain the way time works (I actually made an immediate voice recording so that I wouldn't forget):

Bronwen: Don't worry, the days and years go round and round like in a circle, and every day there is a new challenge and discovery of something new. And don't worry, if you ask Daddy to get you that for your birthday, I'm SURE he will get it for you. I am sure.

Happy Birthday Lila!!

Three years ago, my little Lila was born, and has brought sunshine and joy to each day. From her adorable little voice that echos her big sister, to the way she is such a great big sister to Adam, my Lila has always been such a sweet natured little one. I can't believe that she is already three, completely out of diapers, writing her name, and the declared "Puzzle Master!"

Sunday, March 11, 2012

March 11

Bronwen and Lila were working on coloring, and Lila asked if the animal she was coloring was a kangaroo. Allow me to try to recreate the conversation:

L: Brawen, is this a kangaroo?
B: ah, yes Lila! It is!
Me: Lila, do you know where a kangaroo carries its baby?
B: In its pouch!
Me: That's right, Bronwen.
B: Why do they carry their babies in a pouch?
Me: Because they are a kind of animal called Marsupials. Marsupials carry their babies in pouches. Another animal that is a marsupial is a koala.
L: oh....
B: Yeah, Lila, that is the kind of specie it is.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Disney-Part 1

Our trip to Disney was an amazing adventure indeed! The girls were wonderstruck by so many things, and managed to push on through each day without naps. Adam was a trooper, just napping in the stroller when he needed to, and watching everything the rest of the time.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Disney Bound!

We are preparing to depart for Disney tomorrow. TJ is going to take the girls into Shelby today, and Adam and I are spending the day packing and cleaning. I wanted to take a moment to record some amusing things Bronwen has been saying as of late. I love how she bravely uses new vocabulary, even if she isn't 100% sure how to.

Lila: Bra-wen, do you like purple?
B: Yes, Lila, but not excessively.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Go Lila!

Lila came into our bedroom this morning, about 6:45, and told me she had to go to the bathroom. I told her to go ahead, and she asked me for help. I assumed she needed me to remove her pull-up, but when I felt her jammies, she was wearing panties. I looked at TJ and asked him, in a slightly accusatory tone, if he forgot to put a pull up on her last night. He insisted that he remembered. Next thing I know, Lila brings out Baby Elephant, wearing her totally dry Princess Pull-up and declares, "I wore panties to bed!" She must have made the switch herself without TJ knowing it!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Adam's 8th tooth is popping through! Now he has four on the bottom.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Monday, January 16, 2012

Outside Fun

Kids have been outside enjoying the mild weather...

I love that Lila likes creepy crawly things!