Friday, May 18, 2012

Walmart Surprise

Adam and I were in Walmart today, picking up a few ingredients for a Pampered Chef show, and as we went to the cilantro bin, I noticed a beautiful, dark, red ladybug just sitting on a bunch of cilantro.  I was concerned at first that she wasn't alive, but I picked her up and set her in my palm, so Adam could have a look.  He excitedly said, "Bay bug! Bay bug!" and sure enough, she warmed up a little and began crawling all over my hand.  Adam told me "Hold! Hold! Hand!" so I gently placed the ladybug on his hand, and she crawled all over his arm and hand, only falling once to his shirt.  She was really picking up some speed, and I could see she was trying to fly, so Adam and I hurried her outside.  I let Adam hold her one last time, and she took off from his finger.  I told him to tell her goodbye, and he obliged with a "Bye, Bye, Bay Bug!"  several times in a row.  We finished up all our shopping and left the store.  As soon as we exited, he was saying it again, "Bye Bay bug!  Bye Bye Bay Bug!"  It was an awesome shopping trip and insect rescue all rolled into one. 

1 comment:

Tiff said...

Words can't say how much I love this.
1. You brought a lady bug back to life.
2. She may have been from some foreign country.
3. I want to hear Adam's voice so badly.