Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day

Had a pretty good Mother's Day--took Mom to lunch at PF Chang's and discovered the world's most delicious appetizer, then bought three new pairs of shoes...

Came home to a rainy day and princess stories on the porch with my birthday girl. 

Was a little disappointed at the end of the evening when I asked TJ if he got a card for me...and he didn't.  Felt a little let down and unappreciated--he did make up for it today with a lovely apology card, but I am getting to the best part.

So tonight the kids went out to the cul-de-sac and Lila and Bronwen both picked clover flowers for me declaring "Happy Mother's Day!"  When we got back inside, Bronwen arranged Miss Kitty on the bed so I wouldn't have to exercise alone.  I found this incredibly thoughtful and said:

Me: Bronwen, I really appreciate all the little things you are doing for me for Mother's Day. 
Bronwen: Well, Mom, I have to do them.  You are so important.  I mean, what would I do without you?

Best.  Gift.  Ever.


Jana said...

She is such an amazing girl and I think we know who's fault that is ;)

mimi said...

Gotta know she was with me with the 3 new pairs of shoes comment...