Thursday, May 10, 2012

Adam's Words

Adam just turned 17 months, and the other day he came strutting over to me, hands me a book, and says, "Read book."    I was so taken aback that he was already using a phrase--it occurred to me that I should be documenting his extensive vocabulary.  I am sure TJ will want to add to this:
He has mastered the obvious:  Mama, Da-ee, Lila, and Bronwen (although it sounds like ma-men), ball, snack, Mo (his monkey), Mollie, and Pepper.

Then he has expanded to include:  Cheese stick, truck (sometimes dump truck), bug (uses this one a lot), ay-bug (lady bug), sprinkler, stroller, bubbles, and airplane...oh one of my favorites is Surprise!  He says that when TJ comes home, mainly because the girls say it.

Trying to think of other ones he says...

When you sneeze he will say bless you, and as he eats he constantly says "more!"  Just now he came up to me with a tin of cards and said "open." 

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Tiff said...

Precious! I love the stage where they learn so fast you wonder where and how they learn it!

I need to hear his baby voice. :)

Good luck with party this weekend!