Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bronwen's First Halloween

The best laid plans often go awry, and alas, that has happened to me twice now. Once last night for B's costume, and just now in publishing the blog. I had it almost complete, hit something, and lost it all. Argh! As a result, I am going to redo everything and publish bit by bit as I go because I know my loyal fans are anxiously awaiting photos of Halloween shenanigans. (Loyal fans=Aunt Jan) Thanks to Pepper for entertaining the baby using just herself and a brown paper bag.

The plan last night was simple, or so I thought. Bronwen had her spiffy velour pumpkin outfit all ready to go, minus the hat. The hat was cute and all, especially with the stylish pumpkin stem protruding from the top, but sadly, Bronwen's ginormous cranium prevented it from fitting any longer. (Aunt Jana and I often have that problem with hats-B comes by her abnormally large head circumference honestly.) After going to visit the neighbors as a pumpkin, we were going to go home, give her a bath, and put her in her Halloween jammies, courtesy of Aunt Jan who is a superstar and got the PJs to Bronwen in the nick of time. We were going to then head over the Michele's house for a Halloween shin-dig.

Unfortunately, the Louisiana sunshine thwarted our plans, as 82 degree weather and velour tend to be mortal enemies, and I just couldn't have Bronwen sweating her way through her very first Halloween. So we put her in her skeleton t-shirt that Mimi bought her and went over to the neighbors' houses.

We did go home, bathe B, and put her in her PJs. We made it to Michele's house, and she gave Bronwen the coolest hat--and it matched! Wait until you see...

Close-up of new hat:

Now, some views of Bronwen by the pumpkins on the front porch. Never fear, I was holding on to her to prevent falling!

We went back inside the house, and Pepper became immediately suspicious of the new "feline" interloper. Either that, or she wondered if a cat was eating her baby. Either way, she promptly poofed to look intimidating and checked out this new "creature."When Pepper couldn't quite figure out what to make of things, she beckoned reinforcements who possessed a bit more experience. Bronwen decided to play a game of peek-a-boo with them. Where's Bronwen?Here she is!!
All-in-all we had a great Halloween. TJ took other pictures, so check back to see any updates/additions.

Monday, October 29, 2007


Bronwen has started eating solid foods! Hooray! Of course, I mash everything up so it is almost a liquid, but it counts.

Our first food? Bananas.

We began the solid food journey with a new bib courtesy of Barbara, aka "Chi Chi." Bronwen was as proud as she could be in her bib and high chair. Yes, we had all the proper equipment for the feeding, but did we have the desire? The physical capabilities? Would Bronwen be able to try something new and accept it readily? Only time would tell. One thing was certain; Bronwen was going to go into the challenge with a positive attitude.

She also had another cheerleader on the side lines.

Yes, Cassie was right there, watching all the drama unfold from her perch high above. She wanted to make sure Bronwen could handle the gauntlet that had been thrown down before her, and was, at the same time, hoping that some of that gauntlet would drop on the floor for her own dining pleasure.

So it began. I took a few pieces of banana and mashed it in a bowl. I dipped my finger in to use as a utensil--since Bronwen is familiar with the size and texture due to previous experiences. The banana went in and...

She wasn't quite sure what to make of it. She felt the banana in her mouth, moved it around a bit with her tongue, and decided to try a bit more.Her mouth opened wide, and she bravely waited for the next batch of mashed banana. After several more moments of tasting and feeling the newness of non-milk food, Bronwen decided...

She liked it! Granted, quite a bit of banana juice spilled down her chin, but more was swallowed than not. At the end of the feeding session, I cleaned her up, and she was quite satisfied. Bronwen faced a new challenge and completed it admirably. That's my girl!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

NC Visit--Part Deux

Where was I? Oh yes, Stella and the nursing home...

After enjoying her visits with Great-Grandma, who kept wanting Bronwen to eat cookies and ice cream despite the fact that she only drinks milk right now, we would keep ourselves busy with many mentally taxing activities. First with Mimi, going shopping in Gastonia, which resulted in the following: (Mimi will have to work on building up her stamina for all day shop-a-thons)

Then with Dja Dja, bouncing on his belly and playing peek-a-boo around the couch. Dad always had a way with putting the ladies right to sleep:

Then there were just the regular old naps:

Every once in awhile I was lucky enough to join her. The whole visit wasn't just about sleeping, though. In order to make her daddy proud, Bronwen kept up her "tummy time" routine, working on her bulging muscles that will enable her to crawl around everywhere. I dread the day. Right now she can scoot a bit, but she can only go backwards. Note to self: Need to find a rear view mirror that can attach to babies.

My clever child also discovered that she could amuse us all by carefully placing herself on the Halloween blanket in the chair. It was a spontaneous move on her part, and it took the rest of us quite some time to realize what she had done. She had already moved on to playing with her toes by the time I got the camera out to take the photo. I just realized that she appears to be floating in midair. My baby can float--what can yours do?

I now know what she wants to be next year for Halloween. I'm sure Pepper would be more than happy to accompany her trick-or-treating.

The one disappointment for us all was that Aunt Jana couldn't make it down to visit due to working to abolish illiteracy in America. Aunt Jana, we salute your endeavor, but we hate that you couldn't join us. Bronwen was especially upset when she heard the sad news.Meanwhile, I am upset that I didn't crop my nose out of the photo. I bet you just looked at my nose in the photo, didn't you? Crap.

Anyhow, it is late, and I am tired, so I am going to wrap up the wrap up. I did find the following picture of my sister and me when we were younger. No particular reason for posting, except to show how darned cute we were. At least I know where Bronwen got the "crossed-eye" look. Thankfully she has grown out of that!

Back From the Tarheel State--Part 1

What an adventure we had! Bronwen is a great jet setter, riding in her Baby Bjorn through airports, trains, and planes and drooling shamelessly all the way. Mom (aka "Mimi") picked us up at the airport, and we motored home to Shelby with Bronwen telling Mimi all about the trip on the way home. (Granted, it sounded much like some tribal clicking language, but we know she was expressing extremely complex thoughts amid the raspberries and shrieks.)

We arrived at the new Shelby dwelling, where Mimi immediately began spoiling B with a new spiffy Halloween shirt that glowed in the dark. She also tried to spoil me with a pair of Halloween pajama pants, but alas, great minds think alike, and I had purchased the same pair 2 days before. Bronwen loved her shirt, but also enjoyed gazing the the pumpkin and mums.

While we were in NC, Bronwen got to visit with many of her adoring fans. She loved being the center of attention, and I enjoyed getting to visit with my closest friends. Laura and Tiff--so great to see you! I miss you guys like crazy. We had a houseful on Sunday afternoon, all touring Mom and Dad's new abode and spending time with Bronwen. She was especially happy to deliver her Dad's home brewed beer to Joe and Sarah. Joe was gracious enough to send Bronwen back with beer of his own. I'm sure she will enjoy it in 20 years or so. Thanks Joe!

Bronwen also got a few opportunities to visit with her Great-Grandma Stella. Stella was so happy to see the baby again and spend time with her. She even offered to skip bingo so we could stay longer--this was quite an achievement! Sadly, Bronwen was unable to spend copious amounts of time there, mainly because mom and I didn't want her to catch MRSA or great-grandma's bad attitude.

To be continued...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Halloween Proofs!

Same drill as last time:

Click on "My Proofs"

Password: Stromain

It will look like the old proofs, but scroll down for my pumpkin!

NC Trip

Bronwen and I are jet-setters. We decided last minute to go visiting in NC for the week. I did bring my camera, so I can document our many exciting activities. Right now, Bronwen is napping. The fun never ends!

I will upload everything when I return next week. I might try to so a little while I'm here, but I doubt I'll get around to it.

I know my many, many readers will be so disappointed. (ha!)


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Lady of Bath

I had this brilliant idea to take some photos tonight during Bronwen's bath. She was doing some impressions. I apologize for the poor film quality. I was in a hurry to get back to Leslie's for dinner, plus I didn't use the flash--I notice Bronwen doesn't smile when the flash goes off and ends up looking surprised. Add all that together plus Bronwen's penchant for never sitting still... So I am sorry for the occasional blurriness. You'll get the idea.

See Below:

Alfalfa Bronwen:Eddie Munster Bronwen:

Lollipop Guild Bronwen:
Sanjaya Bronwen:

Doozer Bronwen:

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ruby Tuesday

It's a sad commentary on today's youth when the majority of them will think that the title is a restaurant. Oh well.

Bronwen has now officially joined the dinner table instead of sitting atop of it. Sunday TJ pulled out the high chair, and we decided that she was big enough to sit in it, right up to the point when we strapped her in.

Okay, so she looks tiny, but she still fits! She is indeed excited to sit with us, but I know she'll miss playing with my various table centerpieces.

I am bummed that I didn't bring the camera with me this weekend. We were so busy Saturday, I could have had some great photos. Bronwen, TJ and I went to Petsmart to volunteer with Cat Haven. Then it was into the car to drop TJ off at LSU for the game. (great pic of B sleeping in the car would have been added here) We motored home for a quick nap and got back into the Jetta to go to Becky's for a visit. Bronwen got to see some of her cousins, and Sydney, Camille, and Shelby did their best to keep her entertained.

Then it was back in the vehicle to head home for a quick bath (for Bronwen) and then on to Michele and Scott's remodeled house for some socializing and finger foods. (insert cute picture of Ashley wearing tiger ears and B staring at them)

Then it was back home for bed! I really need to remember my camera next time. Especially since Barbara doesn't read this--she only looks at the pictures.

Here is another super-cute pic of Bronwen after bath time. Apologies to Aunt Jan for the lack of new photos...have a great idea for tonight and will post said idea tomorrow morning.