Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ruby Tuesday

It's a sad commentary on today's youth when the majority of them will think that the title is a restaurant. Oh well.

Bronwen has now officially joined the dinner table instead of sitting atop of it. Sunday TJ pulled out the high chair, and we decided that she was big enough to sit in it, right up to the point when we strapped her in.

Okay, so she looks tiny, but she still fits! She is indeed excited to sit with us, but I know she'll miss playing with my various table centerpieces.

I am bummed that I didn't bring the camera with me this weekend. We were so busy Saturday, I could have had some great photos. Bronwen, TJ and I went to Petsmart to volunteer with Cat Haven. Then it was into the car to drop TJ off at LSU for the game. (great pic of B sleeping in the car would have been added here) We motored home for a quick nap and got back into the Jetta to go to Becky's for a visit. Bronwen got to see some of her cousins, and Sydney, Camille, and Shelby did their best to keep her entertained.

Then it was back in the vehicle to head home for a quick bath (for Bronwen) and then on to Michele and Scott's remodeled house for some socializing and finger foods. (insert cute picture of Ashley wearing tiger ears and B staring at them)

Then it was back home for bed! I really need to remember my camera next time. Especially since Barbara doesn't read this--she only looks at the pictures.

Here is another super-cute pic of Bronwen after bath time. Apologies to Aunt Jan for the lack of new photos...have a great idea for tonight and will post said idea tomorrow morning.

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Aunt Jan said...

I will just try to imagine all of the events mentioned. Time permitting I may try to fashion miniatures...oh wait now I am channeling some creepy janitor...