Thursday, March 31, 2011

Roll Over!


Adam rolled over on his own!

And Bronwen changed careers--she first told me her job was "Just to love you, Mom." Then 30 seconds later, her job became the same job as her dad's. Oh well. I am willing to rehire her if her new career doesn't pan out.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Not Angry At Her

This is what happens when I am on the phone with a friend, and the girls are coloring behind me. Bronwen explained that she was dressing up as a princess for my father, who was coming over. She explained she was getting ready for a show. I didn't even act mad, mainly because I was trying not to burst into laughter. I asked her to smile, but I think the pouty-guilty look is definitely more appropriate. Thankfully the markers are washable and came right off.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Group Lesson

Loving Spring

**Disclaimer** The video taking was not nearly as dangerous as it may appear, but it was difficult to do it safely, hence poor quality of shooting.

The girls insisted on the windows being down the other day, and they were screaming and shrieking with joy as the wind blew their hair every which way. Of course, once I started the video, the happy shrieks ceased, but you get the idea.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Bunk Beds

Saturday was the day. The day Bronwen and Lila merged into one bedroom--I admit I had my reservations, worrying that the eruption of World War III would occur, but I have to admit, it's been going really well thus far. At first, Lila wasn't sure what or who was above her...

It's Bronwen!

Bronwen was shaking like a leaf the first time she went up the ladder--but she mastered it in no time.
T.J. couldn't get Lila to say cheese, yet she was all smiles and giggles for her sister:

The pic Bronwen took:
Right now we are putting them to bed around 8, and they are up giggling and reading until around 9. Lila invented a game where she tosses her pacifier out of the bed and cries, "Tassie, Bro wee, Tassie!" And Bronwen says, "Where is it, Liii-la?" To which Lila replies something indecipherable. Then Bronwen heads down the ladder and gives the paci back to Lila. Repeat.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Bronwen's Camera

A long time ago, I had a post that had to do with pictures Bronwen took with her digital camera. Click here. The quality isn't so great, but seeing the world through her eyes is pretty interesting. It has been way too long since I uploaded pictures from her camera, and on Saturday, TJ decided to clean off the memory card. It was interesting to see what was on there!

This is how Bronwen sees us:

How she sees her World:
We also have a sneaky suspicion that Lila "borrows" the camera; although I'm not sure what makes us feel that way:

More forthcoming!

B's Camera, Part II: Silly Faces

This one was my doing--I started making silly faces at Bronwen when she took my picture. Before you knew it, she was telling everyone to make a silly face:

Bronwen got in on the action:
She encouraged Adam, but he wouldn't cooperate:
However, Aunt Jana would:


T.J. decided to take Friday off, and since the weather was unbelievably perfect in every way, we decided to take the girls over to the NC Raptor Center. There were a couple of school groups there, but overall, we had the place to ourselves.

Lila insisted on bringing her trusty friend, Backpack:
The girls loved running down the paths:
Lila is on her way:
While Bronwen reads the map:
The girls!
and, of course, the boys!
We had a picnic lunch at the center, and then we headed home for naptime. It was the perfect start to a busy weekend.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Monday

This morning was going really well--the girls both slept later than usual because of the time change, and when Lila finally got up, I noted a dry diaper. I was so excited, and we skidattled down the hallway to the bathroom where she proceeded to put all her pee into the potty. We went back to her room to get dressed, and Bronwen came in. I told Bronwen to tell Lila what a good job she did, and the following transpired:

Bronwen: You did not do a good job.
Me: Bronwen, do NOT tell her that. You need to tell her what a good job she did for putting her tee tee into the potty.
Bronwen: I will not.
Me: Then you can leave Lila's room.
Bronwen: (crying and stamping about)
Me: Go to your room
Bronwen: (more crying and stamping)
Me: You can stay in your room until you are ready to tell Lila what a good job she did.
Bronwen: But I don't want to stay in there forever!

Nice, huh? She eventually did tell Lila "good job" but at that point Lila was way past the potty accomplishment and on to other things.

Daddy and Son

Friday, March 11, 2011

Nothing So Sweet

As a sleeping baby...he was worn out from our trip to WalMart today. The whole crew went, as we sometimes do on Fridays, and the girls had a blast running up and down the aisles.

Evening Races

This has been a nightly occurrence in our house since we moved here--the girls and T.J. race up and down the hallway right before bath time (hence the "outfits" or lack thereof). Usually T.J. is racing too, but in this instance he is filming as well as being the victim of Lila's ferocious tickling.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Child's Prescription

T.J.'s dad was admitted to the hospital yesterday because he has some terrible muscular pain and fever; the doctors don't know what is wrong with him, so they wanted to keep him there in order to get some more testing done today. Bronwen heard me talking to T.J. about it, and she inquired about who was in the hospital.

Bronwen: Who is in the hospital?
T.J.: Papa Doc
Bronwen: Oh, why?
T.J.: Because he is sick and the doctors are trying to get him to feel better.
Bronwen: He should just lie on the couch and watch movies; that always makes me feel better.

As you can imagine, it was a little difficult explaining why that wouldn't work so well in this situation.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Lila did a really great job this weekend. I feel like we achieved major milestones in not just one, but two areas. As I stated earlier, we worked on transitioning her to a big girl bed. Nap time on Friday was rough, but she slept just fine in it at night. The rest of the weekend was smoother; she did fine both during her naps and at bedtime. The only kink in the system is a poorly-timed head cold. Again. Not that there is ever a good or convenient time for illness to descend, but this particular timing just stinks. However, Lila stays in bed beautifully and waits for us to get her, so all in all, I would say the big girl bed transition has been success. Now on to getting rid of the pacifier!

As for the other milestone--Lila has finally figured out how to pee in the potty. The most frustrating part of training Bronwen was getting her to realize her own control, and Lila has discovered this much sooner. She is still in diapers for now, but as she gets to feeling better, I am confident that she will be in training pants all day soon enough!

Adam is doing well--he got his first little cold last week, and I still see remnants of a runny nose, but he seems to have his usual cheery disposition, and I don't think he is bothered by it at all.

Bronwen is healthy as a horse, and I am hoping it stays that way. Spring hurry and get here!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Growing Up

T.J. stayed home from work today, as he does on some Fridays, and he decided to put together the other half of the bunk bed in Lila's room. Adam has grown so fast that it really is time for him to take over the crib, which means it is time for Lila to move onto a big bed. Luckily the bunk bed has a rail, so we didn't have to buy a new one.

Here Lila gives it a try:

Today we will try it out at nap time and see how it goes. Updates to come...Bronwen wanted to be in the picture too:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I walked into Bronwen's room tonight for goodnight cuddles, and I saw her combing the tail of some toy she got in a kids meal. The toy is a plastic pegasus, and I'm not sure what it is from or supposed to be exactly. Anyhow this is our exchange:

Bronwen: I wish I could have a real flying horse.
Jen: Me too.
Bronwen: I wish I could have a real flying horse with a seat belt on it, you know, so we can be safe.

Playing with Sand and Water

Violin Lessons

Bronwen is doing really well at her violin lessons. She had her second group lesson last Friday, and had no problems standing up with all the other kids, playing her heart out. Of course, she wasn't playing much of anything, but she did it with such determination, it was hard not to smile. I think the other parents really enjoyed watching her...several of them were kind enough to tell her afterwards what a good job she did!