Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Monday

This morning was going really well--the girls both slept later than usual because of the time change, and when Lila finally got up, I noted a dry diaper. I was so excited, and we skidattled down the hallway to the bathroom where she proceeded to put all her pee into the potty. We went back to her room to get dressed, and Bronwen came in. I told Bronwen to tell Lila what a good job she did, and the following transpired:

Bronwen: You did not do a good job.
Me: Bronwen, do NOT tell her that. You need to tell her what a good job she did for putting her tee tee into the potty.
Bronwen: I will not.
Me: Then you can leave Lila's room.
Bronwen: (crying and stamping about)
Me: Go to your room
Bronwen: (more crying and stamping)
Me: You can stay in your room until you are ready to tell Lila what a good job she did.
Bronwen: But I don't want to stay in there forever!

Nice, huh? She eventually did tell Lila "good job" but at that point Lila was way past the potty accomplishment and on to other things.


mimi said...

Ah, forever is SUCH a long time....

Jana said...

She cracks me up, although I am baffled by her reasoning :)