Monday, March 21, 2011

Bronwen's Camera

A long time ago, I had a post that had to do with pictures Bronwen took with her digital camera. Click here. The quality isn't so great, but seeing the world through her eyes is pretty interesting. It has been way too long since I uploaded pictures from her camera, and on Saturday, TJ decided to clean off the memory card. It was interesting to see what was on there!

This is how Bronwen sees us:

How she sees her World:
We also have a sneaky suspicion that Lila "borrows" the camera; although I'm not sure what makes us feel that way:

More forthcoming!


Tiff said...

I think you have a budding photographer! I like the pic of her shadow and the one of Jerry.
The one of the you and B together is really pretty. :)

Jana said...

These are wonderful!