Monday, March 7, 2011


Lila did a really great job this weekend. I feel like we achieved major milestones in not just one, but two areas. As I stated earlier, we worked on transitioning her to a big girl bed. Nap time on Friday was rough, but she slept just fine in it at night. The rest of the weekend was smoother; she did fine both during her naps and at bedtime. The only kink in the system is a poorly-timed head cold. Again. Not that there is ever a good or convenient time for illness to descend, but this particular timing just stinks. However, Lila stays in bed beautifully and waits for us to get her, so all in all, I would say the big girl bed transition has been success. Now on to getting rid of the pacifier!

As for the other milestone--Lila has finally figured out how to pee in the potty. The most frustrating part of training Bronwen was getting her to realize her own control, and Lila has discovered this much sooner. She is still in diapers for now, but as she gets to feeling better, I am confident that she will be in training pants all day soon enough!

Adam is doing well--he got his first little cold last week, and I still see remnants of a runny nose, but he seems to have his usual cheery disposition, and I don't think he is bothered by it at all.

Bronwen is healthy as a horse, and I am hoping it stays that way. Spring hurry and get here!

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Jana said...

I am so proud of Lila. I knew she would do it though with that level of determination ;)