Saturday, May 31, 2008

Name Change

Some of you may have noticed that I changed the name and description of my blog. Since Bronwen isn't really a "baby" any more, I went ahead and took that part off of the nomenclature. Also I once said "new mom" in my description. After a year, I think I am fairly seasoned! Granted, everything is still a new adventure, but I think that even after you have 6 kids, there are surprises daily. I'll let you know ;-)

Until then, I'm trying to allow Bronwen to grow up a little. It's hard, but I think it's a sign of my own growth as a mom. I'm still kicking a screaming a little about it, of course! Below Bronwen is "reading" the book her Mimi made for her birthday!If any of you have suggestions for a new name, please comment! Then I can create a poll and leave the decision up to my devoted fans. Should I keep the alliteration? Go in a new direction? Let me know!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Awesome Game--The Sequel

Often as I am blogging, I give Bronwen some independent play time. Since I don't allow her to watch T.V., she has to come up with her own creative games and activities. Often this includes pulling my books off the shelves, digging through the office garbage can and shredding the papers within, or playing with the cats on the couch. Since she has become a professional crawler, often times she will grab a toy, crawl up the hallway with it, and crawl back into the office. (She is shredding up the trash right now as I type this--my girl can save us a bundle on office equipment!) The hallway game is great, because with toy-in-hand I can hear her crawling up the tile clack click clack.

And then...I realized what her game TRULY was. Bronwen is too funny.

Our hallway:Laundry room door:Zoomed in view of cat door:
What I found on the other side:


She has bed-head as this was just this morning, and we haven't even had breakfast yet!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

All you Bloggers

I just stumbled upon an awesome site for all you crazy bloggers who actually want to keep all the work you've put into your blogs.

This website actually allows you to turn your blog into a book. I am really excited; although I have no idea what it actually costs to print the book. I know the software is free.

I think I'll play around with it. Let me know if any of you decides to try it!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Splish Splash--Pt II

Now where was I? Oh yes, I was recounting our fun day in the pool, and then I got side-tracked with the avalanche of commentary concerning T.J.'s skin color. Yes, he is white. But as I replied in the comments, white is the new tan, folks! There is a reason all those skin doctors are pushing the sunscreen. Bronwen even sports a sun hat to keep out the harmful rays.

Okay, so there we were, playing in the pool with Bronwen. She got parched after a spell, and showed off her standing skills while taking a break for libation. Mr. Meow watched from a distance.After her thirst had been quenched, Bronwen decided that it was time (at last!) to check out the swing that Ronnie and Donalyn gave to her. We'd tried a couple of times to get her interested, but she had been reluctant to embrace the fun, and this past weekend she bid farewell to the fear and realized that she loved her swing!

Bronwen decided after a bit to go back to the pool. It is amazing how an empty bottle and water can be so entertaining. I had to call her several times to get her attention. "What Mama? I'm busy here!"
While I was busily playing paparazzo, T.J. was being a slave to the grill. He made sliders, 2 types of chicken (one involved injecting the breasts with apple butter and rum), and sausages. Paired with a frosty adult beverage, lunch was delicious! I am getting hungry now just remembering.

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend as well!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Deja Vu

This is Aunt Jana in her baby pool, Circa 1976.

Some floppy sun hats never go out of style.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Splish Splash--Pt I

It was hot today. I don't mean pleasantly warm. I don't mean slightly humid. It was hot. I expected to see the neighbors running around with pitchforks, directing people to the seventh inner circle. So all my friends in Kentucky, New Jersey, and Delaware can *content edited for the innocent eyes* and quit telling me of the lovely weather you all are enjoying.

T.J. wanted desperately to grill out, so I relented, so long as he provided the means of an oasis in the hazy heat of the day. That he did, with the aid of a baby pool, cold beverages, and an industrial-sized fan.
I suited the baby up in her new giraffe swimsuit--thanks Leslie!--and her new sun hat--thanks Aunt Kadee! I pulled out my vintage bikini and we went outside to check out the pool. Bronwen had only minimal experience with the baby pool to date. She had her feet in it at her birthday, but at that time, the moment I put her bum in the water, she was unhappy.

This time, we took it slowly, and I let explore the water and pool, getting a feel for what was happening.

I think it worked much better.

First, I let her splash around in the water.

Then it was time to stick her feet in the coolness . She decided to wave to her daddy, so proud that she was playing in the pool. She also wanted him to come and join her. Never being one to resist the invitation of a cute girl, T.J. happily took a break from grilling duties and splashed around for a bit.

Bronwen was so happy she kissed him.

To be continued...

The Secret

Please, if anyone out there in my reading audience is aware of the secret, will you please clue me in? I really want input here. To what am I referring, you inquire? Simple: How do you pick a good watermelon? If you have tips about cantaloupe, it will also be welcomed, but the truth is I can usually sniff out a good one of those. For instance, the other day I smelled what promised to be a delicious cantaloupe. The next day I was loading Bronwen into the Jetta and thought to myself, "Self, this car smells like cantaloupe." That is when I realized that when I was putting away my produce the previous day, I never unloaded the cantaloupes I had purchased. I opened the trunk, and those little suckers had rolled out of the bags and hidden themselves neatly behind the stroller. And what of my olfactory delight? Molded. It was disgusting.

That was a disappointment. But I digress.

If anyone has a good tip about picking the right watermelon, please let me know. Oh, honeydew as well--but I'm thinking if you know how to pick a good melon, it has to apply universally, right?

By chance, I just happened to purchase a delicious one this weekend. Anyone who knows me knows of my penchant for fruit. I tend to be quite selfish, too. Of course I share with Bronwen, but TJ...not so much.

If you all saw the pictures from her first taste of watermelon, you are aware that my Bronwen also loves it. That is why I was really happy that the fruit gods were kind enough to smile upon me this once. Enjoy!

Coming Soon

Lots of exciting activities so far this weekend. I will post as soon as I get a spare moment. This isn't one now.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

First Birthday Party!

Such a great day to have a party--warm, sunny, and not too humid. Dad and T.J. set up the tents and pools, Mom and I got the food ready. I was especially proud of the duck cake that I made--the bathtub was a rich, dark chocolate (first time making the recipe but definitely NOT the last!) and the duck was a lemon pound cake. I think I'll let the pictures tell the rest.

Getting Ready:
The decorations:Sign says, "Caution, duck crossing"(Note the duck feet across the sidewalk)
Bronwen in the suit Aunt Kadee, Uncle Scott, and the girls gave her:
Some of the guests:Great picture of Natalie kissing a duckThe pools seemed to be a hit!

(It got too hot outside for some)

The cake:I actually wrote her name on it--not too misshapen, I thought! Aunt Jana and Uncle Pete sent the yellow roses:Singing "Happy Birthday":

Tasting the cake:I think she liked it!The gifts:Finally, the birthday girl with her Daddy.
After all the guests left, Bronwen slept for two and a half hours. I think she had a wonderful day!