Monday, January 31, 2011

Dress Up

Bronwen and Lila have really been enjoying dressing up lately. It helps that they now have a chest full of beautiful "princess dresses" and plastic jewelry. Bronwen will wake up from her nap and tell me immediately she wants to dress up.

So it went yesterday afternoon; she put on her dress, bracelet, earrings, necklace, ring, and tiara, and I told her she looked just like a princess. She repied:

"Not yet, Mom, I need just a few final touches."
"(!!)" thought I...

When I inquired as to what these were, she said, "Eyeshadow and lipstick."


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Double Trouble

By the way--not only does Lila diaper Kirby the Koala, but today she was trying to toilet train him by sitting him on the potty (luckily I caught her as she was lifting the lid!)

Yesterday I noted to T.J. how Adam had not had a stinky diaper all day. I knew I was going to be in for it today, and boy, was I right. I took Lila in to the hospital early to get tubes put in her ears, all which went swimmingly, and after taking Bronwen to school, arrived home around 9:20.

Then it began.

Adam had 3 dirty diapers before lunch. After lunch he went down for his nap, and after his nap, he had two more. I don't mean a little in each one; I mean full-on dirty.

The 5th dirty one was a doozy, leaking through his onesie. Lila was up from her nap, so I looked at her and said, "Lila, let's just go give Adam a bath."

I carried a naked Adam to the bath, holding the clean part of his onesie over his bottom, and held him on my lap while I filled his tub up with water. I turned to look at Lila, and for a moment, I could not understand why a tiny stream of water was hitting her shirt...

Yes, I was apparently holding Adam so he was facing her, and he peed all over her. I quickly got the onesie up over him, soaking it, my robe, and my shirt, while Lila got hit on her shirt and pants. Her lovey, Lilly, also got some pee on her, poor thing.

Lila wasn't even upset, because I don't think she realized that she had just been pissed on. Glad to know my little one doesn't get pissed off when she gets pissed on.

By the way, Adam had #6 later on--which I had T.J. change.

Oh! and as a post script, shortly after all this occurred, Lila came running down the hall with the shampoo and the towel from my bathroom, heading to her bathroom. I went in to find Kirby the the bathtub. She is such a good little Mama.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Smartie Pants

After the exciting potty experience, I was back in the playroom with Adam and Bronwen, when Lila came in with a cup and a diaper. I realized the cup had about an inch of water in it (must have left it in there when I changed Adam last, I figured). I snuck it to the bathroom and dumped it out, anticipating a mess, and when I returned, Lila had Kirby, her stuffed Koala, lying on the floor and was maneuvering the diaper underneath him. Figuring out her intentions, I helped her diaper her koala and left it at that.

I returned to my room and heard what I thought was the toilet running...only then did I realize that my pint-sized genius had actually turned on the water to my bathtub and filled the cup herself in order to change Kirby! (I get the water from our tub when I change Adam)

Be aware, folks, nothing escapes this one.

Tales from the Potty

Bronwen didn't have school today, so it was a laid-back morning. Lila slept in, as did Adam, and Bronwen and I played in the playroom for a bit. My eyes are still hurting--pink eye--but I am trying to ignore the goo and grit as much as possible. It was around 11 that I decided enough was enough and I needed to shower. I usually accomplish this task before anyone is up, but today I wasn't so lucky.

When everyone is up, I have to have spectators. So I strapped Adam into his bouncy seat and told the girls where I was headed. Naturally, Lila followed, so I had two friends join me in the bathroom.

Before I turned the water on, I had to use the potty. Sensing a learning opportunity, I told Lila I had to use the potty and had her watch me. As I take a seat, she runs out of the room going "Tee Tee! Tee Tee!" Uh oh. I figured she was running to her bathroom where her training potty sat on the floor. I hurried and pulled up my britches, and right then, in came "Hercules Lila" carrying her own potty from down the hall!

I had her pull down her pant and sit, and right then she started saying, "Buh! Buh!" which means book. I pulled up her pants, and 10 seconds later, she returns with a potty book. I read it to her twice before I heard Bronwen calling. I ran down the hallway, realizing the phone was ringing, but I didn't make it to answer in time. Returning to the bathroom, I find Lila's potty full of pee! Hooray! Except I missed it, and I didn't get to make a big deal right when it happened. No matter, I made a big deal of it afterwards.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

They Say it's Your Birthday--Part 1

In following with birthday tradition, the girls have recorded their birthday wishes for Aunt Jana. Bronwen took things a step further and went ahead and dressed for the occasion. She did this despite not feeling well.

Lila finally got her birthday party outfit on as well.

Birthday--Part 2

Birthday--Part Three

Just for the record, it is really hard to film and hold a baby upright at the same time, so I apologize for the poor camera work.

Friday, January 21, 2011


While I usually don't discuss the bodily functions of the kiddos, I do admit I have to relate the following exchange this morning. Bronwen went #2 and called me to help her during the clean-up stage. She then tells me, "I put a BIG p.u. in the potty! It is even bigger than a tyrannosaurus rex's body!"

I admit it was large, but not quite dinosaur-ian.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Adam looking at the Light

Lila's Backpack!

Tummy Time

Big Sister


What a beat poet toddler saying "Cheese" would look like:I am currently uploading a bunch of videos--so never fear, St. Romain TV will soon be here.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Who is Best?

Last night dinner went remarkably smoothly. I was feeding Adam while T.J. was fixing some leftovers for the girls. Bronwen was being especially good, asking for her milk and waiting patiently. T.J. forgot or got distracted, and she asked again. T.J. apologized, telling her something along the lines of "I am getting it right away." Bronwen replied, "Oh thanks, Dad, you are the best boy in the whole world!" I can't remember what I said to her now, but she said in reply, "Mom, you are the best girl in the world!"

I then told her, "Bronwen, YOU are the best girl in the world!" And as I was thinking about it, I decided to amend my statement because I didn't want Lila to feel inferior, so I then said, "Bronwen you are the best three-and-a-half year old in the world!"

Bronwen replied, "Thanks, Mom, you are the best 25-year old girl in the world!"

My reply: "Bronwen, I love you even more."

Bronwen: "Aw, thanks Mom."

Saturday, January 8

T.J. and Bronwen went ahead downstairs to make pancakes while I got Lila changed and dressed in the morning. I brought Lila downstairs, and T.J. bid her good morning. Trying to get Bronwen to be nice to her sister, I said, "Bronwen, tell Lila good morning." Of course this was met with stony silence, so thinking I could circumvent her bad attitude, I said, "Well, tell her buenos dias then." Bronwen looked at me and said:

"Unfortunately, I am stuck on English and can't speak Spanish any more."

Well played.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Adam pics

Adam 2 weeks:Adam, 3 weeks, with a scratch courtesy of me:

Adam 4 weeks:

Hands and Feet:

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Pics

Some Adam Pictures--Part 1 Christmas

Back on Board

Time is flying so fast! I need to do a couple of catch-up posts, but mostly involving pictures. We have been so busy with visits lately that I have not had much time to get on here and work. This shall be remedied asap.

Today was a frustrating day--Lila got it in her head that she wanted something, or something was wrong, but her limited vocabulary made it impossible for me to decipher what the issue was. FInally I hauled everyone into the car and went to CVS to pick up some gripe water for Adam (who had a miserable night thanks to some stubborn gas), and I had to bring Lila into the store, still squalling. SHe perked up playing in the baby items aisle, and on the way home she was fine. The minute we walked through the door she once again began her caterwauling. I fed her lunch which helped a little, but she cried all the way through it.

I was approaching my wit's end. I was asking Bronwen what it was Lila was saying, but Bronwen had no clue either.

Thankfully, Mimi stopped by on her way to Target, and Lila was her usual self again. I hope she takes a long nap now that she has worn herself out. We shall see.