Thursday, January 27, 2011

Double Trouble

By the way--not only does Lila diaper Kirby the Koala, but today she was trying to toilet train him by sitting him on the potty (luckily I caught her as she was lifting the lid!)

Yesterday I noted to T.J. how Adam had not had a stinky diaper all day. I knew I was going to be in for it today, and boy, was I right. I took Lila in to the hospital early to get tubes put in her ears, all which went swimmingly, and after taking Bronwen to school, arrived home around 9:20.

Then it began.

Adam had 3 dirty diapers before lunch. After lunch he went down for his nap, and after his nap, he had two more. I don't mean a little in each one; I mean full-on dirty.

The 5th dirty one was a doozy, leaking through his onesie. Lila was up from her nap, so I looked at her and said, "Lila, let's just go give Adam a bath."

I carried a naked Adam to the bath, holding the clean part of his onesie over his bottom, and held him on my lap while I filled his tub up with water. I turned to look at Lila, and for a moment, I could not understand why a tiny stream of water was hitting her shirt...

Yes, I was apparently holding Adam so he was facing her, and he peed all over her. I quickly got the onesie up over him, soaking it, my robe, and my shirt, while Lila got hit on her shirt and pants. Her lovey, Lilly, also got some pee on her, poor thing.

Lila wasn't even upset, because I don't think she realized that she had just been pissed on. Glad to know my little one doesn't get pissed off when she gets pissed on.

By the way, Adam had #6 later on--which I had T.J. change.

Oh! and as a post script, shortly after all this occurred, Lila came running down the hall with the shampoo and the towel from my bathroom, heading to her bathroom. I went in to find Kirby the the bathtub. She is such a good little Mama.


Jana said...

OMG! This is a hilarious story. Pee is always better than vomit ;)

Anonymous said...

Man, i haven't looked at your blog in ages. I miss it
Holy crap i forgot my password...