Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tales from the Potty

Bronwen didn't have school today, so it was a laid-back morning. Lila slept in, as did Adam, and Bronwen and I played in the playroom for a bit. My eyes are still hurting--pink eye--but I am trying to ignore the goo and grit as much as possible. It was around 11 that I decided enough was enough and I needed to shower. I usually accomplish this task before anyone is up, but today I wasn't so lucky.

When everyone is up, I have to have spectators. So I strapped Adam into his bouncy seat and told the girls where I was headed. Naturally, Lila followed, so I had two friends join me in the bathroom.

Before I turned the water on, I had to use the potty. Sensing a learning opportunity, I told Lila I had to use the potty and had her watch me. As I take a seat, she runs out of the room going "Tee Tee! Tee Tee!" Uh oh. I figured she was running to her bathroom where her training potty sat on the floor. I hurried and pulled up my britches, and right then, in came "Hercules Lila" carrying her own potty from down the hall!

I had her pull down her pant and sit, and right then she started saying, "Buh! Buh!" which means book. I pulled up her pants, and 10 seconds later, she returns with a potty book. I read it to her twice before I heard Bronwen calling. I ran down the hallway, realizing the phone was ringing, but I didn't make it to answer in time. Returning to the bathroom, I find Lila's potty full of pee! Hooray! Except I missed it, and I didn't get to make a big deal right when it happened. No matter, I made a big deal of it afterwards.

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Jana said...

Lila is so STRONG and SMART :) Love her and the fact she likes to read on the potty ;)