Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Back on Board

Time is flying so fast! I need to do a couple of catch-up posts, but mostly involving pictures. We have been so busy with visits lately that I have not had much time to get on here and work. This shall be remedied asap.

Today was a frustrating day--Lila got it in her head that she wanted something, or something was wrong, but her limited vocabulary made it impossible for me to decipher what the issue was. FInally I hauled everyone into the car and went to CVS to pick up some gripe water for Adam (who had a miserable night thanks to some stubborn gas), and I had to bring Lila into the store, still squalling. SHe perked up playing in the baby items aisle, and on the way home she was fine. The minute we walked through the door she once again began her caterwauling. I fed her lunch which helped a little, but she cried all the way through it.

I was approaching my wit's end. I was asking Bronwen what it was Lila was saying, but Bronwen had no clue either.

Thankfully, Mimi stopped by on her way to Target, and Lila was her usual self again. I hope she takes a long nap now that she has worn herself out. We shall see.