Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Smartie Pants

After the exciting potty experience, I was back in the playroom with Adam and Bronwen, when Lila came in with a cup and a diaper. I realized the cup had about an inch of water in it (must have left it in there when I changed Adam last, I figured). I snuck it to the bathroom and dumped it out, anticipating a mess, and when I returned, Lila had Kirby, her stuffed Koala, lying on the floor and was maneuvering the diaper underneath him. Figuring out her intentions, I helped her diaper her koala and left it at that.

I returned to my room and heard what I thought was the toilet running...only then did I realize that my pint-sized genius had actually turned on the water to my bathtub and filled the cup herself in order to change Kirby! (I get the water from our tub when I change Adam)

Be aware, folks, nothing escapes this one.

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Jana said...

Lila is just copying the good momma ;)