Wednesday, April 25, 2012


We had a lovely Easter.  Despite being the day after Lila's party, I managed to get the kiddos up and outside for the family photo just as TJ 7:30 am.  Granted, it was under duress (I wasn't thrilled to be dressed up so far in advance) but it all worked out.  Still, I let the girls get a peek at their baskets before we took the picture.
Bronwen, Lila, and Adam's baskets
2012 Easter Photo

After church, we drove up to Jill's house for Easter brunch.  We managed to get a picture of the kiddos.

After Jill's we headed to Shelby for another Easter feast.  It was a beautiful day, so the kids had a great time playing in the great outdoors.

Mimi's new garden gnome
Bronwen, searching for the elusive "clover flower."

Taking a spin
Picture perfect!


Tiff said...

I am amazed that your Easter 2012 photo was at 7:30AM. I don't know how many shots it took, but the one you have posted is a great one!

The last one of Bronwen should get framed. It looks like a school picture and all grown up.

Miss you all!

Jana said...

Argh! Easter fun without me :)