Thursday, October 14, 2010


I have been MIA for a couple of weeks now, simply trying to organize and finalize our move from Baton Rouge to Gastonia. Things went as well as could be expected--the girls are all doing great, the ones with fur and the ones without.

I will take and post pictures as soon as I can, but in the meanwhile, a little anecdote:

We were waiting on the front porch for T.J. to arrive home, and Bronwen was sitting in a small chair that reclines fairly far back. She comments to me: "There are times when I just like to lie back and lounge in my chair, and this is one of those times."

She also went to the dentist for the first time yesterday. Once again, she said, "Sometimes you have to go to a special doctor to have your teeth checked, and this is one of those times."

I swear there is no way she is only 3.

She also informed me yesterday that she was going to stay on my bed with me while I folded laundry just to make sure I wouldn't fall off the bed. "It can be very dangerous," she said.

Lila meanwhile is getting more and more verbal. She can say "backpack" and "map" when looking at the Dora potty seat, which she tries out with enthusiasm and gusto. Sadly, nothing has been produced, but she is well on her way to trying.

She has adjusted quickly to the new house and is becoming an expert at manipulating me into carrying her down the stairs. Being quite swollen with child, this task isn't too fun, especially since she is 30 pounds of solid kid.

That is all for now--By the night time I am so stiff and sore from unpacking, I am just ready to collapse into bed. I suppose not having cable and Internet for a week has been a blessing in some ways. I have definitely caught up on some rest.

More to come!


Jana said...

Thank goodness you have Bronwen! I was just reading about a laundry/bed incident :) I am super excited that Lila can say backpack and map because those are two things required to run away to Aunt Jana's :) I have miss this blog...

Tiff said...

I am so glad everyone is doing well. I bet Lila is really cute saying "backpack" and "map".
You take care of you! I'm glad B is concerned for your well-being. That is just too cute!