Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Halloween was awesome this year--the weather was perfect, and despite the sadness of not having T.J. here, we still had a blast. Mom and Dad flew in on their broomsticks from Shelby, and while Mom supervised the candy distribution, Dad provided the wagon-pulling labor for Lila. We left early, well before it was dark, and Bronwen was beside herself. She loved saying "Trick or treat" and insisted on saying "Gracias" instead of the traditional "Thank you." I asked her if she wanted a ride in the wagon, but she was intent on walking, which was great. Lila made it to about 5-6 houses, and I sent her back home with Dad and Mom.

Bronwen kept going well into the dark of night. People were stopping to admire how cute she was as Tinkerbell, and we also admired their costumes. We saw only 2 other Tinkerbells, but the costumes were different.

After about an hour, we hauled Bronwen's load of candy back to the house. The girls played with some glow sticks and went down pretty easily for the night. I managed to make it, walking around the neighborhood with Bronwen, but I admit when I asked her if she was ready to go home, I was relieved when she said yes. Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

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1 comment:

Jana said...

What a fantastic slide show! I love the Lila action shots in the beginning. It reminded me of a flip book. I also love the Tinkerbell of Liberty :)

I wish I could have been there.