Saturday, October 16, 2010


Our new neighborhood is huge--a labyrinth of all-brick homes that seemingly go on forever. One of the reasons I picked it is because I knew T.J. really wanted the girls to grow up in an area with plenty of other kids with whom to play, and everywhere you look, you see the wooden playsets with green tops.

Our house is located near the cul-de-sac which terminates our particular street, but it also is directly across from another, smaller cul-de-sac that only has three houses. Here live lots of kids that come out each night and play. Before dinner, the girls like to walk across the street and play--Bronwen was shy at first, insisting on staying home on the front porch doing her "work" (a Sesame Street sticker book), but since that time, she has emerged from her shell and joined in playing, especially with a 2-year old named Bella.

Lila, naturally, jumped right in, the first night commandeering a play shopping cart and hitching a ride in a motorized Barbie jeep. (I was preparing dinner, otherwise, the second part would not have occurred.) The next night, Lila discovered a giant mud puddle in which she promptly sat and splashed around.

Last night we walked over and were invited to Bella's swing-set and trampoline. Her mom, Jennifer, is a nurse and extremely outgoing and welcoming. She loves having the kids over, so I get the feeling this may be an evening ritual. Bronwen has never been on a trampoline, and loved it, although she wanted to be in there on her own.

She told me as we were walking home that she was like Olivia--(from Olivia Joins the Circus) "Queen of the Trampoline!"

Lila usually is having so much fun, it is hard to tear her away, even for a meal (shocking). I leave that up to T.J. :-)

Maybe this weekend I will remember to bring my camera along.


Tiff said...

Sounds to me like knowing the owner of the trampoline is a nurse might be slightly comforting ;)
I'm so glad you have found new friends already!

Jana said...

Your neighborhood sounds great! I am glad I don't live there though because I would be chasing kids out of my yard ;)

mimi said...

Jana, you sound like Grandma!

Shannon said...

So glad that you like your new neighbors! Some of my best times were playing with the neighborhood kids after school. - Shannon