Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Paci Fairy Sucks

It was time to separate Lila from her beloved pacifier. Granted, she didn't have it much during the day, although she was prone to get it out of her bed and use it on the sly. Still, she is 2, and I don't want her being like Suri Cruise, plugging her mouth up at the age of 5. TJ didn't give it to her at bed time, mainly because he couldn't find it, and I took the opportunity to tell Lila the Paci Fairy came and took her paci to babies who need it. She seemed to accept this, asking, "Baby Allah?" (Baby Adam) and I told her, "Yes, to babies like Baby Adam."

It has been 4 nights now, and while I thought things were getting better, last night was awful. She knows she is missing something, and I don't think she was asking for it, but she was weeping for much of the night. Heartbreaking, sad, weeping. I make TJ go in, because if I do, I will end up in the bed with her for the rest of the night!

Here's hoping tonight goes better. It's hard helping your baby grow up. Really hard.

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Jana said...

Has she thought about getting one of Adam's? I am so sorry for her and you guys too!