Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mountain House

I have been remiss about updating the blog lately due to my new endeavor to sell Pampered Chef products. That and I have been hitting my treadmill after 6 months of ignoring it--added bonus is I finally found my wristwatch which was hiding out in the cup holder.

We decided to beat the heat and escape to the mountains for Memorial Day weekend. Lila and Adam were both fighting off a cold, but they did not let it slow them down.

Friday was rainy, but TJ and my folks took the girls into town to explore, while I stayed back with a slumbering Adam.

Lila fears nothing!

The girls loved the mountain house, and Bronwen especially loved the pool table. I know they are looking forward to a week up there during July.


Jana said...

I am looking forward to a week in July as well!!!! I have been practicing making baby decoys so you won't notice when some of your children have gone missing.

Jen said...

Ha ha ha "Baby Decoys." You crack me up, Sister.

mimi said...

Can't wait for the July week of fun!