Monday, June 6, 2011


I have to admit, I am really liking the 4s. Bronwen has become quite the little helper, even more so than usual. I have just started working for The Pampered Chef, and Bronwen decided to help me try out a recipe. She insisted on an apron and kept saying, "See, I am a real Pampered Chef!" She then helped me in every step, and then insisted on the largest strawberry almond pastry as payment.

When I was cleaning the house before a party, she declared, "Super Bronwen, to the rescue!" and the took the Swiffer mop and insisted that she mop while I vacuum behind her. Every once in awhile she would mutter, "Never fear, Super Bronwen is here!" When the mopping was finished, she wanted to move on to the bathrooms. Whew--she motivated me to clean a lot more than I intended.

And then yesterday Dad came over to help TJ with a project in the crawl space. I use the term "crawl space" loosely since TJ is digging it out to use as a workshop--a grown man can easily stand upright down there. Anyhow, despite it being naptime, Bronwen wanted to help, and I figured it would be fun for her. I got this part second-hand, but she was handing Dad staples and a hammer, and kept encouraging him, saying, "You can do it, Dja Dja!"

She really is a super hero. I just wish she didn't think her arch nemisis is her sister.

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