Saturday, June 25, 2011


The following conversation took place in the car, on the way to Aunt Jill's house for a morning swim:

Bronwen: Daddy, does everybody have a reflection?

Daddy: Yes, Bronwen, everybody has a reflection.

B: My reflection is inside my body.

D: Your reflection is inside your body?

B: Yes, it’s inside my body.

D: Bronwen, your reflection is in the mirror. What do you see when you look in the mirror?

B: I see a picture of myself.

D: That’s your reflection, Bronwen, it’s in the mirror.

B: Oh. Well, is there a way to go into the mirror and take out my reflection?

D: I don’t think so, Bronwen, I don’t know of any way to take out your reflection.

B: What if we use nails and screws, could be go into the mirror and get my reflection out?

D: That’s a good idea, Bronwen. We should definitely try that, but I still don’t think we could get your reflection. Plus, what about all the other mirrors? Do we have to go into all the mirrors to get your reflection out of each one?

B: No, just one mirror. That would get my reflection out of all the mirrors.


Tiff said...

I'm glad she didn't talk to me about that. I would have thrown a monkey wrench in the works by talking about how vampires don't have reflections...
Bronwen is a thinker!

mimi said...

I'm covering my mirrors now!