Sunday, September 26, 2010


I know I have been lax in blogging lately, but we have an impending move that is quickly approaching. In addition, Lila, Bronwen, and I were sick last week, Lila staying sick enough that I finally took her to the doctor on Thursday. She has a sinus infection and is now on antibiotics. While there we went ahead with her 18-month check-up and discovered she weighs almost 30 pounds. No wonder my back is aching!

Luckily she has been in fairly good spirits despite having a perpetually running nose and slight cough when she tries to sleep. She also has two more teeth appearing, flanking her top two teeth.

If I disappear for a couple of weeks it will be because of moving issues. I have to start packing up the things we are personally taking with us, sorting through various drawers for things we don't want to move, and basically cleaning up around the place so I don't have as much to do next Saturday.

Sneak is moving around like crazy and causing me all sorts of exciting aches and pains. I am trying not to complain too much, but I do admit I am dreading the car ride to NC. I just used a birthday gift certificate for a prenatal massage on Saturday and discovered how sore I am--and didn't even realize. Ah, blissful ignorance!

I will leave you with a pic of Bronwen taken today. She is really into sweeping the driveway for some reason, but she has to use the big broom. I am not discouraging it!

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Jana said...

I want to die she is so cute! I love the outfit. She is welcome to come and sweep at my house any time. I suppose I will give you a couple of weeks as a break before I give up reading your blog...

Have a safe trip.