Monday, May 3, 2010

May 3rd

Tonight T.J. came out of Bronwen's room after putting her to bed and asked me, "Do you know she kisses John Denver goodnight?" I did indeed know this, mainly because Bronwen told me the other morning that she kissed John Denver.

To clarify: She kisses the john Denver picture on her iPod, so technically she is kissing the iPod.

I asked him: "Does this bother you?"

And he replied: "Only because she won't kiss me goodnight."


mimi said...

If TJ could sing like John Denver I'll bet a lot of girls would like to kiss him goodnight ;)

Jana said...

Thank goodness I was able to get John Denver's picture on the ipod:) Perhaps I should have put T.J.'s picture on instead.

Daddy said...

***News Flash***Update***
I coerced a goodnight kiss out of her tonight by refusing to turn on the music until she kissed me. Then as I was leaving her room, JD sang "Tell me that you'll wait for me..." (Leaving on a Jet Plane) and Bronwen gushingly replied "I'll wait for you."