Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy Birthday Bronwen!

I will post a series of birthday pictures as I did last year, but Bronwen's party is Saturday, so this will have to be delayed a bit. I will immediately post the pics Saturday evening, however, to quell the angry mob that is waiting anxiously for them. (ahem, Aunt Jana...please put the pitchfork and torch down now)

Today marks the third anniversary of the birth of my dearest first child, Bronwen Marie. She came into this world shortly after midnight on Mother's Day. It was a meaningful day for me since her birth made me the best thing I ever imagined: her mother.

Since that day, her bright smile and precocious nature has both cheered and astonished me. She is my child, through and through, both in personality, wit, and downright silliness. Every day with her is a joy and adventure, and I love how her smile and little voice make me laugh all the time, even when I am not feeling well.

Thank you, my little mouse, for always being ready with a cuddle or a "Don't worry, Mama, I am here with you" whenever I need it most. I love you!


Tiff said...

Thanks for making me tear up!
That is the sweetest birthday wish ever!
I love and miss you all!
Happy Birthday, Bronwen!

Jana said...

My little tears of happiness extinguished the torch and I put the pitchfork back in the shed. Thank you for giving me an amazing niece. I love to hear "Aunt Jana" in that little voice.