Friday, May 21, 2010


Bronwen, Lila, and I went to run errands this morning, and since we weren't in a huge hurry, I decided to let Lila walk from the parking lot to the store. I have a rule that if we are in a parking lot, you must hold my hand. T.J. is the only one to whom the rule is optional. Lila was thrilled to be freed from the fetters of the grocery cart and wanted to take off on her own. Naturally, I did not let this happen and formed an iron grip on her little hand. Next thing I know, Bronwen, on my other side, is saying, "Ouch Mama it's too tight!" I realized that while holding tightly to Lila, I was inadvertently holding just as tightly to Bronwen. I told her I was sorry for squeezing her hand, to which she replied:

"I am not a lemon, Mama."

This is true. Because she said this, I suggested that we make lemonade today. After all, when life squeezes you like a lemon, you just need to turn it into a delicious sweet and sour beverage.

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Jana said...

Oh how I love my little super genius smarty pants!