Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 23rd

After church today, Bronwen looked at me and declared: "I was a good girl in church today, so I get a donut!" While the first part was true, sadly church only has donuts about once a month, and as Fate would have it, today was not donut Sunday.

T.J., also proud of his behavior in church, mentioned that we could go and pick up some donuts, so I told Bronwen that if she asked her daddy nicely maybe he would get her a donut. One "Please Daddy can we go get donuts, please?" later we were on our way to the donut shop, conveniently located on our route home.

I told T.J. that Lila and I would stay in the car, and Bronwen and he could go get the goods. As Bronwen got out of her seat, she looked at me and said, "Will you be okay without me for just a little while?" I told her I thought I could make it, but I hoped she would be back soon.


Jana said...

I am glad that T.J. is finally learning how to behave in church :)

I am also proud of Bronwen for taking such good care of her Mama :)

Tiff said...

You had me at donuts...