Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Any one who knows me knows of my love of birds. As soon as we moved here, I was incredibly anxious to get some bird feeders up. I hung up two, and within a day I had to buy two more to meet the demand. I have started a rather lengthy list of bird species that I have seen at my feeders and in the woods. Here is just a small sampling of some birds TJ saw while sitting on the deck for 10 minutes.

Gold Finch:

House Finch (we have tons of these, and will have plenty more since the second brood of babies has now hatched on the front porch!)
Downy woodpecker--also have seen a yellow bellied sapsucker and a red bellied woodpecker.
And of course my little friend who buzzed up to my PJ pants one morning...


Jana said...

How did TJ get them to pose on the same branch? Beautiful shots :)

Tiff said...

Yes, great pics! It is amazing how the hummingbird's wing is almost invisible because it moves so fast.
Thanks for posting!

mimi said...

Ah, you just posted these from a bird book!!!