Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby Talk

Lila is growing up so fast, but she still retains a little bit of her baby talk--she says things in such a cute way, and there are still some things we can't quite understand. I would say that since she has turned 2, she has improved in her speech dramatically. Instead of understanding about 60% of what she says/means, we now get about 90%. Then come times when she says something so clearly, so grown-up, that I get sad that her cute little speech is progressing so rapidly.

Tonight as we were watching Dora, (which has progressed from "gung-ya" to "DOOR-ah") they had to climb the volcano, and she said, clear as a bell, "Oh my goodness."

And she informed me a few moments ago:

"Mama, I want cold milk. In purple cup. With the green top."

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Jana said...

I have been gone less than a week and somehow you have super aged your children :(