Friday, June 19, 2009

Art Project (updated)

T.J. and Bronwen went outside after dinner one night, and they worked on some projects in the garage. The next day, while T.J. was at work, Bronwen announced to me, "I wanna do a project." I asked her what she wanted to do, and she said, "Wanna glue something." And that was the beginning of this project. We first began with the painting, and then I asked Bronwen what she wanted to put on the paper.

She decided she wanted to make a school bus, kind of like we made a long time ago. I am amazed by her memory. So we began putting the school bus on the paper. I do realize that the way she painted her paper looks as if the school bus ran over all the children instead of picking them up, but T.J. kindly pointed out that instead of carnage, the red represented the red clay dirt that all of us who have lived in NC know quite well.

Finished product, covered up because it is fully functional.

After we were finished, I went to get Lla who was waking up. I cahnged her diaper which made her so happy.


Tiff said...

Bronwen, I would love to take you on a bus ride one day!
Jen- I have to tell you, Moldy was funny, because she sat up when she hear Lila crying.
Lila- I love your smiles ^_^

Jana said...

Beautiful project. Maybe I need to make one too.