Friday, June 19, 2009

Down in Fraggle Rock

Computer Update: Our Mac has been replaced, but in doing so, the cord that connects the monitor to the computer no longer fits into our "new" Mac, which basically means I have two working pieces that just don't fit together. This is very frustrating. Ergo, I decided to attempt to upload pictures straight to TJ's laptop. Hopefully I can get a couple of things up here before the wireless drops me, which it tends to do.

So without further ado:

I did a post a long time ago where I mentioned how Bronwen resembled a Doozer from the Fraggles. Well, folks, my little tot is growing up, and now she is full-blown Fraggle size. Hm, i wonder which one she looks like now?

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Jana said...

Yippee! Yeah!!!!! I get to see my nieces!!! I am going to go do a happy dance now.