Thursday, July 2, 2009

Moving Mountains

Lately Bronwen has taken an avid interest in the Statue of Liberty. We're not really sure why--she has a book that has her in it, but only as a secondary character. Anyhow, all she wants to do is look at pictures of said statue on the computer. I told Bronwen that since Aunt Jana lives near NYC that maybe she could possibly get her a Statue of Liberty on her next visit.

This was quite an exciting prospect for Bronwen and immediately we had to call and ask. Aunt Jana was all over it, and within a week, all the way from Manhattan, our very own Lady Liberty arrived!

I had no idea the packaging would be so large--I should have expected since she is quite massive.


Jana said...

I am so happy that Lady Liberty has arrived at her new home. I am sure that she will be will have lots of fun with the Ladies of the House of St. Romain :)

Tiff said...

And she is just in time for some 4th of July fun!