Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Playing with Daddy

Lately it has been either stifling hot or storming in the late afternoons, and as a result, Bronwen has been mostly housebound when T.J. gets home from work. Last night we finally got Bronwen out of the house in the evening with the promise of bubbles.

T.J. (obviously) brought his camera outside, and Bronwen knows not only how to snap a picture and see it appear on the screen, but also how to press the play button to make it reappear. Here she and T.J. ham it up together. These pictures just make me happy.


Melanie said...

Bronwen really has your eyes, don't you think? I just noticed in that last picture!

Tiff said...

Bubbles, playing with daddy...does life get any better?

mimi said...

She is such a Daddy's girl!!