Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Child Labor Law Violation

Now that I published that warm and fuzzy N.C. trip entry to appease my parents, I shall reveal the truth of what really happened on our 10-day stint in the pokey.

Bronwen was forced to make a pile of leaves--a.k.a. her bed.
She had to do all the laundry:
She mopped so much, she was on the verge of collapsing:
Even a baby was made to fluff and fold.
Here Mimi is explaining how to "properly" unload the dishwasher:
Keeping the furniture dust-free:
I first thought Lila was trying to hide from the tyranny, but then I realized my parents had put her to work, using her body to dust under the couch.
The cruelty was unspeakable. You can see how traumatized my children were/are:
And there you have it--the true tale of what happened on our visit. My parents are coming down in about a week, so I am confident they will get a taste of their own medicine once the queen Bee gets them on her turf.


Jana said...

Sister I want to commend you on letting the truth out. It is time they were stopped. The future generation needs to be saved from the oppression we endured.

p.s You crack me up. I nearly wet my jammies reading this post.

Melanie said...

Those poor children! The abuse is unimaginable! I would never have thought that your parents were capable of such horror...okay, i'm done now...

Cute pictures!

Tiff said...

HAHA! I must commend Mimi and Dja Dja... kids these days just don't appreciate how good the have it! ;)