Friday, November 13, 2009


Lila has been working on her crawl for about 2 weeks now. She was up and rocking really well when we went to NC, but she has now advanced to coordinating her hand/knee movement. She is still practicing, but I am really proud of her progress. She now moves forward, when enticed--usually by dangerous things like cords, cables, and Bronwen's toys. (Note: Bronwen's toys aren't inherently dangerous; it's just a safety issue once Bronwen realizes her sister is touching, looking at, or thinking about touching or looking at her toys.)

Some things I particularly like about this video:
Lila is tired so she is putting forth great effort to appease me.
Bronwen allowed me to use Jerry as bait. (until it worked)
Lila isn't phased by Jerry's removal and keeps going despite many obstacles (known as her sister.)
Bronwen's training panties are all bunched up. That is just funny.


Jana said...

Yeah Lila! I am so proud of you. Although, I can see you are trying to walk because crawling is for babies. Way to help your sister Bronwen!

Melanie said...

All right! Go Lila! Jen, you now have two mobile little ones.. I don't know if I should say congrats or beware! :)