Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just Hanging Out

T.J. is in Minneapolis for the day, so the girls and I have a long day ahead. Normally we'd be outside at a park, enjoying this beautiful weather (that plan is not scrapped yet, by the way), but I have to admit that being 9-months pregnant is slowing me down considerably. This is why the TV is on at 9 in the morning. As you can see, Bronwen is mesmerized, but she also joins in some fun at the end. Next video will be a continuation.


Jana said...

LOL I love how Lila jumps. She is cracking me up. I am getting so excited about my upcoming visit. Thank you for taking the time to give me a peak :)

Tiff said...

I, too, get that glazed over look while watching TV. Matthew threatens to turn it off, and I, too, question, "Why?"