Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Apparently some girl at preschool told Bronwen that she just has to go to Disney World. Great. I am guessing it has to do with Bronwen wearing her Tinkerbell sweatshirt the other day--I can only imagine how that conversation went:

Maddie: Do you like Tinkerbell?
Bronwen: Yes, I certainly do!
Maddie: Well, you know where you can see her, right?
Bronwen: No, where?
Maddie: Disney World! You must go now!
Bronwen: Hm, where is this Disney place?
Maddie: Doesn't matter--ask your Mom.
Bronwen: I must hatch up a scheme to get my parental units to transport me posthaste. I am indebted to you, Maddie.


Melanie said...

You are probably 100% correct!

Jana said...

When are we going? Maybe she should suck up to Aunt Jana who can use her time share ;)

Tiff said...

I love it!
"... get my parental units to transport me posthaste." I could totally hear B saying that. :)