Friday, February 18, 2011

Sensory Tubs Part 1

I remember doing the sensory tub with Bronwen last year, and she loved it, so on the last shopping trip to Walmart, I picked up two new tubs and a variety of beans. Today was gorgeous, and Bronwen was feeling better from her bout with the flu, so we headed outside with the tubs, beans, and a variety of scoops, measuring cups, and bigger containers.

The girls had a blast! I am really, really glad I attempted this outside though. (See Part 3)

I also love how Bronwen looks like Elton John in her new Tinkerbell sunglasses. She is wearing a jacket because she was cold despite the 68-degree weather. (She still has a fever.)


Jana said...

So much fun and such wonderful scooping.

Melanie said...

Once a teacher, always a teacher, right?!?!